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Vermona MARS fattened !

YouTube via Jeeboo007
"How to fatten my Vermona M.A.R.S. :D

A nice example of how useful and savage can be the Vermona MARS filter with its so special resonance sound.
Im using a bass patch with high resonance on the filter. This sound is processed by the Ohmicide distortion by Ohmforce, then goes in the MobilOhm still by Ohmforce team, then ends in a sonitus delay for the space thing.
Have fun ! :)"

Vermona MARS fattened ! bonus vid :)

Richard Lainhart - "No Other Time" Buchla 200e and Haken Continuum

"Friends: on Saturday October 3, 2009, at Re:Soundings in Valley Falls, NY, Richard Lainhart will present the world premiere of 'No Other Time', a full-length intermedia performance designed for a large reverberant space, combining live analog electronics performance in four-channel playback and high-definition computer-animated film projection. Lainhart will be accompanying his cycle of four new abstract films, whose imagery is inspired by the organic processes of nature, with his Buchla 200e/Haken Continuum modular analog synthesizer system.

"No Other Time" has been created with the support of the New York State Council on the Arts.

For more information:"

Scary Stage Stories and NPR's All Things Considered

This one in via Erick. I don't want to risk giving any of this story away. Click here and read. It's short, it's good, and it features an ARP Odyssey. After you read it, you can find some background info on Bob Boilen here.

x0xb0x + Roland TR-505 + Waldorf miniWORKS 4-pole

YouTube via ruce73X
"I really like this gear. The x0xb0x is loaded with SokkOS (i show some specials of it). The TR-505 plays some preset patterns (pattern group A). The 4pole adds distortion and some filtering."

Analog Synth DIY Percussions Controller Preview

YouTube via Redled72
"Heute geht es um ein interessantes und sehr flexibel einsetzbares Modul, den Percussions-Controller.
Mittels Mikrofon können zB. Percussionsklänge erfasst und anschließend verschiedene Steuersignale gewonnen werden. Das Modul liefert folgende Signale:

-positives Kontursignal (AD regelbar)
-negative Kontursignal (AD regelbar),
-verstärktes Audiosignal,
-Hüllkurve (positiv),
-Gatesignal (positiv),
-Trigger (positiv) mit einer Impulslänge von 20ms

Eine LED visualisiert das Gatesignal. Hüllkurve (Attack + Decay) kann per Potis geregelt werden. Verstärkung (Mikrofon) ist regelbar zw. 1 & 1000."

"Today it is an interesting and highly flexible module, percussion controllers.
Mic agent can, for example. Percussion sounds are recorded and then won various control signals. The module provides the following signals:

Contour-positive signal (AD adjustable)
Contour-negative signal (AD adjustable),
-amplified audio signal,
Envelope (positive),
-Gate signal (positive),
Trigger (positive) with a pulse duration of 20ms

An LED visualizes the gate signal. EG (attack + decay) can be controlled by potentiometers. Gain (microphone) is adjustable btwn 1 & 1000th"

:wrongbot: PT2399 Echo 4093 Quad Nand Synth AKA DOOMBASE ALPHA dub siren or similar sci-fi pun nonsense.

YouTube via Wrongbot
"it's a little metal box of sci-fi sound effects. It's Space: 1999. It's UFO. It's not Star Trek... Anyway, yeah... it's awesome."

ACID HOUSE Modular Doepfer System A-100

YouTube via inbetweenmovements
"Bassline Doepfer System A-100 sequenced with Korg Electribe MX, Electribe MX Drums filtered by Schippmann Ebbe und Flut"

Kawai 100f Analog Synthesizer (1980)

YouTube via agnus2112
"Estos son algunos de los sonidos vintage que solamente se pueden conseguir con este gran instrumento de 1980.
El sintetizador se encuentra con su circuito en buen estado pero sus teclas presentan un problema con los osciladores que hacen que las notas se disparen y cueste controlarlo en la mayoria del teclado.
De todas formas es una maquina que suena increible, siendo ideal para generar atmosferas con efectos de ruido blanco, simulando rafagas de viento y mareas, iguales a los que hay en algunos discos de Pink Floyd y otras bandas de Krautrock como Tangerine Dream, CAN, y los primeros Kraftwerk. Ademas posee una alta gama de frecuencias que se combinan y alteran hasta generar un autentico muro de sonido.

Gonzalo Villarroel
Contacto : gaiaoyarzun"

"These are some of the vintage sounds that can only be achieved with this great instrument of 1980.
The synthesizer circuit meets her in good condition but its keys have a problem with the oscillators that make the notes soar and cost control in most of the keyboard.
Anyway, it's a machine that sounds amazing and is ideal for generating atmospheres with white noise effects, simulating gusts of wind and tides, the same as those in the disc of Pink Floyd and other Krautrock bands like Tangerine Dream, CAN, and early Kraftwerk. You have a high range of frequencies that are combined and altered to create a real wall of sound."

Treat Yourself :)