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Xpress (320 x 240)

YouTube via prophei. don't miss 1:46 for some heavy synth spotting at Tokyo's Five-G.
"Coming out of days of illness, I wrote a new dance track a few days ago using mostly my Livewire AFG, self-built ssm 2044 filter (fonitronik), my self-built and modified x0xb0x and pro tools HD3 system.

Yesterday, starting to relapse with my illness, I experimented with making a music video for the song using only some vacation pics from Asia... and apple's iMovie.

While the results are much better than I anticipated, using iMovie was as frustrating and evil as imaginable. It felt like editing with an application that hates you.

As much as I am typically a HUGE apple fan, BIG THUMBS DOWN. Next time, I'm going with adobe after effects, premiere pro or even apple final cut pro.

I posted this on youtube twice, but had to remove it due to sync between the video and music being lost. I then uploaded to Vimeo, even worse! Looks like this worked now only at 320 x 240. Link to original 640 x 480 file below...

If sync still sucks, you can download the video here:"

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Zenhiser ::: Exclusive Audio Samples, Music Loops & Drum Beats

"Zenhiser is a pro audio sound design company based in London, England and Perth, Australia.

The Zenhiser team is composed of a key group of sound designers, producers & remixers whose expertise in the music field currently spans over 16 years. With a consistent audio production & remix schedule under our teams belt we believe it has given us an understanding of what the customer really wants and needs from pro audio sample cds and audio download packs.

Zenhiser was thus created for one simple reason, to bring new & exciting sample libraries to the customer at affordable prices. At Zenhiser we believe that our production music library should be available to all levels of music producers & composers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re recording your next album in Abbey Road Studios or creating your first track on your bedroom computer. By keeping our prices at a very competitive rate on both our sample cds and our audio downloads we can now bring you some of the finest pro audio titles ever released.

To keep bang up to date add our rss feed, feed://
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Ekdahl Moisturizer


Note if you are near Melbourne Australia, Cray of VICMOD will be playing tonight with the Ekdahl Moisturizer, a Bugbrand Postcard weevil, and 1 chopstick. Should be interesting. :)

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Access Virus TI Polar

via this auction

As always, click the images for the larger shots. These look better larger. I thought the more natural light images were interesting - a little more present.

altoids APC (different version)

YouTube via puffhandy
"this is a custom built atari punk console, i noticed that when i use it i almost always have the one knob at full resistance and i just use the other knob for the stepped tones rather than the boing, boing boing knob i also had a problem fitting three knobs (one for the filter) on the altoids and still making it look good, the other one had three knobs really close together. this time i omitted one pot and in it's place there's a 470k resistor."

Native Instruments to Drop Out of Trade Shows - NAMM, Musikmesse...

via Music Industry Newswire, via NI's Twitter feed

"Berlin, Germany /Music Industry Newswire/ — Native Instruments today announced that it will no longer maintain a booth presence at industry trade shows like the NAMM Show, Musikmesse or AES in the future. The company has decided to instead prioritize online communication channels to engage with customers directly even stronger, and to allocate budgets accordingly..." full article

yr4wk2 moog, hammond, voice

yr4wk2 moog, hammond, voice from longcat on Vimeo.

"the 1st time in ages i've used my voice in an improvisation...

with the dubbox delay on it as ever...

the moog opus 3 & the creamware B4000 hammond organ (being controlled by my ROLAND A-30)..."

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