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Hoellenmaschine @ Ars Electronica

flickr by astera snowwhite

"Elisabeth Schimana: Höllenmaschine (composition for the Max Brand synthesizer)
Operators: Manon Liu Winter, Gregor Ladenhauf "

Anyone know more about this?

DK Synergy

flickr set by Mars Hottentot
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"Digital Keyboards Synergy I, 6 cartridges, manual and Kaypro II computer. State of the 1983."

"Top: Manual with poster / brochure, 6 cartridges
Middle: Kaypro II
Bottom: DK Synergy I (yes, I know, it doesn't interface with the Kaypro - yet)."

Praan VOCODER rEMiX - Where the Hell is Matt?

YouTube via humanmaestro
"Praan is "Where the Hell is Matt?" song inspired me to make this mix.
So I performed on KORG ELECTRIBE MX(EMX-1) and MS2000B VOCODER only.

I dedicated this remix to Matt Harding, Palbasha Siddique, Garry Schyman, and all Praan fans."

CHRONO TRIGGER / クロノトリガー『風の憧憬』- あの楽器"ouiLead"で演奏

YouTube via humanmaestro
"This tune is 'Wind Scene' from CHRONO TRIGGER.
And I performed on "ouiLead" that is iPhone/iPod touch musical apps.

iPhone/iPod touch版の"あの楽器"「ouiLead」でクロノトリガーの「風の憧憬」を演奏 してみました!
DAW上でリバーブのみかけています! "

ouiLead on iTunes:

The Robots -Matrix Music Pad-

YouTube via humanmaestro
"This tune is 'The Robots' by KRAFTWERK.
So I performed on "Matrix Music Pad" version 1.2.0 that is iPhone/iPod touch musical apps by Yudo.

SYNTH: High Pass Filter
BASS: Low Pass Filter
DRUMS: High Pass Filter

BPM: 121

Matrix Music Pad on iTunes:
Matrix Music Pad

Popcorn -Matrix Music Pad-

"This tune is 'Popcorn' on HOT BUTTER.
So I performed on "Matrix Music Pad" that is iPhone/iPod touch musical apps by Yudo."

Behind The Mask - 8Bitone & SV-5 -

YouTube via humanmaestro
"This tune is 'Behind The Mask' by Yellow Magic Orchestra.
So I performed on 8Bitone and Vocoder SV-5 that is iPhone/iPod touch musical apps by Yudo.

8Bitone is retro 8-bit sound monophonic Synthesizer and 4 track Sequencer.
SV-5 is authentic Vocoder and polyphonic Synthesizer like a Roland VP-330."
8Bitone on iTunes: 8Bitone MICRO COMPOSER

TB-303 Acid Odyssey

YouTube via BlackwoodRecording
"Just a little old school get down. Won't you join me in the voyage from the past to the days of now?
Equipment used:
- Roland TB-303 (acid)
- Roland TR-707 (beat)
- Presonus Firestudio (audio interface)
- Apple Logic Pro 8 (digital audio workstation)

edison - tonka truck

edison - tonka truck from edison on Vimeo.

"the latest....

all one shot sounds...
no loops running....
64 buttons
64 noises....
shot on 2 HD cameras, 720p, 1 live take.....
with audio captured right to camera.....

this track is from my new album "all the information at hand"
available in january on kid without radio records...

big thanks to e-level, adam patch, mr. mike landry, dalia burde, brandon loper, eric herron, kyle westbrook, mattie bills, nava and brian and kelli"

SevenUpLive 2.0 Preview

SevenUpLive 2.0 Preview from bar|none on Vimeo.

"The new SevenUpLive 2.0 is a complete port of SevenUpLive to MAX For Live.

We are extremely excited about this new version since it allows for an almost zero initial configuration and rapid building of SevenUpLive-based sets. Allows for reuse of racks and tracks and a fully componentized model for drag and dropping SevenUpLive components as needed into a set. Save the state of all components with your set and save presets for components for reuse in other sets.

It also allows for MAX For Live developers to develop their own flavors of components for interacting with SevenUpLive."

And previously:

Bliss - SevenUpLive 1.4 Preview from bar|none on Vimeo.

"Since it's monomeet 2009 today, woke up and did a track in honor of not being able to make it this year. I also wanted to demo the live transposition features in SevenUpLive 1.4 Beta. Two patterns on the melodizer being transposed live, moving through different scale modes."


Analog Sweden Synth Repair

New posts are up on the Analog Sweden blog including the following:

Roland SH-2000 Modification
Oberheim OB-X Repair
Moog Minimoog Tuning
Yamaha CS-60 Calibration
Oberheim 4-Voice Repair

On the SH-2000 pictured here:
"The Roland SH-2000 is a preset synthesizer with aftertouch from 1973 which isn’t exactly a beast, but with a modification performed it can certainly widen its sound palette to be useful, not in only vintage kids programs and “switched on-stuff”, but to more funky and modern stuff. The mod basically enables you to mix all presets as you wish, instead of just selecting one at a time. We did this mod to Swedish house artist’s Q-Force’s SH-2000, and he immediately made this track" Don't miss this track.

Treat Yourself :)