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Waldorf Q Yellow Rack VA Synthesizer - 16 Voices

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"This unit comes with the Vengeance-Sound Q Vol. 1 sound bank, a standard power cable, and the original manual. It also has the "newer style" knobs that do not have an easy to misplace end-cap. Very rare -- absolutely the best Q to own.

Everything that's included:

* Waldorf Q Yellow Rack (latest OS installed)
* Vengeance-Sound Q Vol. 1 (audio demo)
* USA Power Cable
* Original Manual"

YAMAHA SK 15 Vintage analog string/brass/organ synth

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"Very similar to the Sk20 just lacks some of the SK20'S features but soundwise pretty much identical . Great for string and organ sounds. Has a lovely ensemble effect . Comparable in sound to Roland RS202 synth."


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"rare Waldorf MicroQ synthesizer. This keyboard is amazing at emulating some of the best analog bass synths, including: 303 lines, synth leads, trance pads, beats, and more. This may be the little brother of the Q synth, but it definitely isn't light on features! This synth features 25 voices (expandable to 75), 16-part multi timbral, 300 single programs, 100 multi programs, 20 drummaps, 5 Oscillators per voice capability, Oscillator FM, Ring Modulation, Noise Generator, Arpeggiator with user pattern, including accents, timing information, swing, glide, chords, and a load of effects including Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, Delay, 2X Surround Delay, and a Vocoder with 25 bands. The rack mount version is much more common, and this version with the keyboard is much more accessible and easy to use. Unlike the 2-space rack mount version, the 37-note keyboard version come with Pitch and Mod wheels, in addition to, pedal inputs."


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Click on the image and look at the "grooves." They are actual images of the waveforms that get scanned and played by the Optigan.

Yamaha CS2X

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Note the auction states the CS2X is a Virtual Analog, but I believe it is straight up PCM (sample based) only.

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