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Retro Synth Ads

Get ready to get lost for a while. RetroSynthAds just wrote in to let me know they started a blog that will showcase scan synthesizer ads. They plan to post an ad every Monday and Thursday. There are a number of ads already posted including quite a few I haven't seen before. I'm subbed.

Clear Sequential Circuits Pro-One similar in appearance to the clear Gleeman Pentaphonic
Roland Modular systems and more
The Octave Plateau CatStick
The Roland Jupiter-8 Features
The Sequential Circuits Trak line of synths

Be sure to click on the images - these are nice and large.

New Music Technology Company Drops The Beat Thang

"Beat Kangz Electronics launches portable music production system

Nashville, TN - (July 13, 2009) - In the spirit of hip-hop, Beat Kangz Electronics has developed a new music production system and a virtual software package for music lovers and beat makers.

The Nashville-based independently owned company has created The Beat Thang mobile music production unit and The Beat Thang Virtual software application with a unique set of features designed to fit the needs of the urban music community.

Packed with over 3000 brand new sounds, these products integrate fully functioning Digital FX, a 16-track MIDI sequencer, sampling and waveform editing. Designed with the musician’s ear in mind, the products are loaded with live bass, strings, synthesizers, Latin and African percussion, electric guitar as well as popular chopped and screwed effects.

The Beat ThangFlexible and user-friendly, The Beat Thang touts a sleek, light-weight portable design and a rechargeable lithium ion battery with up to six hours of playing time allowing users to effortlessly move from the studio to the stage. The Beat Thang Virtual software application can be loaded onto a PC or Intel-based Mac.

Crowned as the founders of Beat Kangz Electronics, Luke “Boom BAP” Jackson, Reavis “Rev” Mitchell and Aja “A-J-A” Emmanuel inevitably met as they crossed paths on the music scene. From recording with independent and major artists of every genre to producing promos and jingles for international brands and large networks, the owners of Beat Kangz Electronics wanted to create a line of products that the music community could relate to.

“We asked ourselves what were the things we wished a beat machine could do. As independent artists and producers, we know what it’s like to create on a grassroots level. We wanted to actually make the products we used,” said Emmanuel.

Jackson believes the products can serve producers in all genres of music. "Although our products are mainly influenced by hip-hop, the three of us come from very eclectic musical backgrounds. As musicians, we recognize that hip-hop encompasses many different genres, therefore our products will serve many users,” he said.

During a preview of The Beat Thang at the Winter 2009 National Association of Music Merchants Show (NAMM), the team noticed the demand seemed to be much higher than they had anticipated.

“We’ve gotten such great feedback at NAMM shows. We already knew that the market was being underserved, but our interaction with all the users just confirmed how much of a void there was to be filled,” said Mitchell.

The Beat Thang mobile music production unit and The Beat Thang Virtual software application will be featured at the Summer NAMM convention July 17-19 in Nashville.

The Beat KangzCollectively, the triple threat admits to being techies by nature. Their first design concept, the critically acclaimed Zoom SB-246 Streetboxx released in 2006, has been a trusted favorite of underground and major label artists, producers, and deejays worldwide.

Equally impressed with the Streetboxx was legendary production guru and former Live Nation Recordings head Bob Ezrin. After a meeting with the owners, Ezrin found the revolutionary idea of a mobile music production unit and virtual software application, created by an African American company, and owned by talented musicians to be a movement he could support.

“As musicians, they know what they need to make their music. What they have done with this new product is far more profound than what any technologist can do. And when musicians design an instrument to be responsive to their own artistic and technical needs, you can expect it to be practical as well as innovative,” said Ezrin, co-founder of Nashville-based artist development company Bigger Picture Group and producer of both Jay-Z's 2004 film documentary "Fade To Black” and Pink Floyd’s legendary album The Wall.

“Putting so much horsepower into the hands of young music makers is bound to produce groundbreaking results,” declared Ezrin, who is now a partner in the company.

Additionally, the company enlisted Commissioner Gordon, a music engineer who has mixed for artists like Kanye West, The Roots, 50-Cent and KRS-ONE, to mix the final sounds for the The Playa Thang, a playback application for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms featuring 20 production ready Beat Kangz beats.

Finishing touches are now in progress for The Playa Thang. Plans to make the application available for download from the Apple iStore are underway.

By July 17, The Beat Thang Virtual software system ($149.00) will be available for purchase on the company’s website and The Beat Thang mobile music production unit ($999.00) will be available for pre-order to ship in October.

For more information, visit

To view product demonstrations, visit"

Switched on Santa Trivia

See the bottom update to this post for an interesting bit of synth history.

Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedals - Engineering Update

YouTube via MoogMusicInc
"Moog Senior Engineer Cyril Lance give a quick update on progress on the Taurus 3 Bass Pedals design."

Reactable Experience

YouTube via marcosalonso
"Reactable Experience demo at Sónar Kids, Barcelona 2009. Music by Carles López.
Video by Metromuster"

Violette & François (France 1977) ELKA Rhapsody and EMS Synthi HiFli

YouTube via cosmocorps2000
"Short scene from the french movie Violette & François (France 1977) which stars Jacques Dutronc and Isabelle Adjani as a young couple.

François (french musician and actor Jacques Dutronc) hasn't a regular job and just work when he need some money.
Now he works in an music shop.
Bored by the his job, he prefer to play with an electric guitar an immediate damages an guitar amp.

Violette & François (France 1977)
Directed by Jacques Rouffio
Isabelle Adjani as Violette Clot
Jacques Dutronc as François Leuwen

Seen Instruments:
ELKA Rhapsody, EMS Synthi HiFli and at the end of the clip an MiniMoog and a lot of guitars etc.

The movie tells the story of the young couple Violette (Isabelle Adjani) and François.
Irritated by his former jobs, François becomes a thief. But after a few thefts he get's nabbed."

I added this one to the Synths in TV and Film post. Be sure to see the Synth Movies label below for more as well.

AudioMulch 2.0 - drum synthesis with SouthPole envelopes

YouTube via AudioMulch
"From Demonstration of using SouthPole filter contraptions to synthesize kick and high hat sounds from white noise, and gate percussion sounds, all controlled by the Metasurface for rapid parameter changes."

1950s Jenny Ondioline Demo Record - Synthesizer Precursor

YouTube via jafafah0ts
"A vintage record demonstrating Georges Jenny's Ondioline tube-driven electronic instrument, an important but almost forgotten ancestor of the modern synthesizer. I've included English translation of the French-language narration in this video." flexi disc

Spirits Of The Temple Electric

YouTube via JohnLRice.
"This was a modular synth patch similar to the one used in my "They Don't Care What You Do" video. I was using it to play around with watching the output run through an oscilloscope to see what it looked like. I started liking the audio and I thought a video tape of the o-scope would be good enough for a quick and dirty YouTube video. Once I started playing around with video effects though, the whole thing turned into something breathtaking and mysterious! (IMHO of course! ;-)

Watch it once through as is and then go back at watch it again and randomly pause the playback in many places and you may be surprised at the images you see! I see different faces (human/animal/???), bodies, buildings, structures and cosmic landscapes etc . . . many with seemingly very iconic spiritual/religious overtones! I mused that by chance I had stumbled upon a way to view an alternative electronic dimension and the beings or spirits that live and rule there! (I sure do miss those old Outer Limits TV shows! ;-)

So, I hope you enjoy this. I may make a second version in the near future with the same music but just a selection of the images as a slide show so it will be easier to ponder and let your imagination run wild.

Thank you are taking the time to watch, rate and comment!"

Treat Yourself :)