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monomachine & machinedrum

YouTube via drumfish78
"i play a pattern on the machinedrum with the track mute on a ctrl re & it gives this overdelayed noise ... i'll work it in a song mode to make this noise shorter but still has a good feel i think ... fun to tweak anyway ... the rest is from the monomachine & the tetra driven by the mono midi track"

Inflection Preview

Inflection Preview from Lo-Fi Massahkah on Vimeo.

"Preview of Inflection. A Max for Live device used to sequence and modulate synths in Ableton Live via the Novation Launchpad."

Star6 Demo @ State-X New Forms - Den Haag, NL.

Star6 Demo @ State-X New Forms - Den Haag, NL. from Star6 on Vimeo.

"Star6 was invited to do a little demonstration on Dec12, 2009 at the State-X New Forms festival in Den Haag, NL. We asked the group of musicians playing the festival that day if they had some extra time to try to have some fun with us, and we were lucky enough to get 3 great acts to join co-founder Jason Forrest on the small Prakpodium stage. They were: Falty DL, Yobkiss, and Mia Mia! The evening was a ton of fun- as you can see- and we look forward to doing more events soon!

Star6 is a iPhone/iPod touch app that allows the user to manipulate and perform with samples by moving their phone in the air. For more info check our website:

Get Star6 now from iTunes:

For more on the artists:

Little Magical DIY Synth/Fx Box

YouTube via anotherbbs. watch this one take off.
"It is a Atari Punk Console with a few mods. Like Low-Bat, Volume, LP Filter and Select/Switchable FM Input.


Many thanks goes to Steven of TSP for his help.( )"

Drone With deMOON

YouTube via anotherbbs. via Resonant Filter
"How to use Gotharman deMOON synth for droning."

How To Control Gotharman deMOON With BCR2000

"More info here:

The deMOON synthesizer is a very unique digital polysynth made by Gotharman from denmark. I love its sound very much, the sound engine is also deep.

But as you can see, the 4 knobs are far from enough for a synth like this. IMO it's the biggest barrier between my mind and its sound engine. After I made this template, I am surprised at how much more possibilities I can get from the little box.

Sorry for bad english."

Sherman Filterbank 2

via this auction
The original Sherman Filterbank (Version 1) is no longer being made (we are also sold-out) and is thus now completely being replaced by this new version !

The global look has remained the same, but there have been added several strong functions. To summarize :

* There are 5 extra NEW SWITCHES, 1 extra INPUT (for footpedal), 2 extra new LEDs, a NEW COLOR (silver-grey) with an improved (long-lasting) varnish layer.
* The inner electronics have also been adapted to achieve an EVEN BETTER SOUND-QUALITY
* We also do have new packing-boxes (silver, with photo on upper side), new flashy stickers (silver) and new adaptors (with Sherman-logo).
* All this with the famous solid SHERMAN-QUALITY and the well-known thorough & speedy AFTER-SALES service (repairs)."

Also see the sellers other items for pedals, a Hohner Pianet T and more.

Roland TR606 w/ Analog Solutions midi & tone tweak mods

via this auction via the forum
"I'm selling my prized TR606. I bought it about three years back and got Tom from Analog Solutions to add the full tone tweak mod box and the midi in and thru at quite a cost. It was a mint and fully functional example when I bought it and it remains in tip top condition, 100% functional and its a 9.7 out of 10 cosmetically.

The amazingly easy midi mod gives you the ability to easily sync the 606 to a midi source without faffing around with converters. the din sync is still in place.

the tone tweaks are where its really at. the controls add tone, mix, decay, and snappy to the snare. This mod adds expressiveness to this box that your ears will not believe. my favourite combination was the 606 through the Sherman Filterbank 2 (see my other auctions) theres something about the headroom of the 606 output that just brings the filterbank to life, it squeals and rumbles in ways i had not heard before, even on Merzbow records.
Included in this auction is:
-original near perfect Roland TR606. As you can see from the pics, there is not even any wear round the knobs.
-original Roland TR606 Cardboard Box and insert (box has some tearing, see picture)
-original Roland TR606 weird plastic carry case thing (not pictured, its inside the box)
-original Roland TR606 operation manual. thats right, not a copy, this is an original manual. No tears, only very slight yellowing on front and rear cover. a beauty.
-original Roland TR606 procedure table (a piece of card with like shortcuts to most used functions on, very useful!)
-UK Power supply
-Analog Solutions Midi Upgrade (£120 to add)
-Analog Solutions Tone Tweak Upgrade (£120 to add)

here is a link to the Analog Solutions site that did the mod upgrade for me:
here is a link to the vintage synth explorer page raving about the 606:"

Also see the sellers other items for pedals, a Hohner Pianet T and more.

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