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Pollard Syndrum Quad

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"As you probably know, this is a very rare piece of kit. The Quad is king of all the Pollard Syndrums. Made famous by the Cars, Bozio, Porcaro, Queen, Little River Band. You can’t get this tone anywhere else.

This synth was owned by David Eagle who recorded and toured a lot in 80’s, 90’s, 00’s. His previous ownership of this unit is evidenced by a sticker on the bottom of the


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"Legendary EDP Wasp by Chris Huggett, quirky looking toylike synth but a serious piece of kit, capable of rip roaring synth lines, fat bass...just straight up dirty with so much character. Great for all types of Electronic music.

This has recently been serviced by a top UK tech and has also had the “MidiWasp” retrofit added for midi in and thru functions; great for studio use!

Univox K-3 Maxi-Korg Maxikorg 800DV SN 750121

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"Here is a thoroughly EXC Condition rare as hensteeth, phat and violent filtered beast. The Univox Maxi-Korg K-3.
Full service just performed by one of Detroit's premier synth gurus. All is cleaned, polished, tuned, stabilized, perfected. Bill came in just over $300 and that's with our frequent flyer discount.
As to what these do, how they sound, nature of this beast-- The

Modor NF-1 Digital Polyphonic Synth

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"Fabulous Modor NF-1 digital DSP synth Very light studio use- sounds incredible! Sounds better than other virtual analog synths- classic structure of VA synths has 3 fully independent oscillators,10 waveforms, 12dB/oct switchable resonant filter, Formant filter with 3 morph vowels extensive effects section Mod section -incredible machine!"

Oberheim SEM Analog Synthesizer (MIDI to CV model) SN 0192

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"Contains everything the recreated Tom Oberheim MIDI - CV model shipped with... SEM, Reference Manual, MIDI Operation Card, Original, Authentic Power Supply, all in Original Carton. This synth is Tom Oberheim's 2010 recreation of his awesomely powerful Analog SEM with full MIDI implementation."

Sequential Circuits Poly Sequencer Model 1005 for Prophet 5 Synthesizer Rev 3

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Some pics of the inside below.

"Sequential Circuits Polyphonic Sequencer Model 1005 in very good cosmetic condition but not completely functional. Sequencer functions normally if recording and playing back sequences from it's internal memory. Braemar tape drive is defective so drive will need repaired or replaced to save, playback and store to and from tape. A new Braemar tape

Sequential Circuits Pro One Desktop Module

Sequential Circuits Pro One Modular Published on Oct 3, 2016 RetroLinear

And a demo of a standard keyboard version:

Sequential Circuits Pro One Analog Synthesizer Demo

Published on Nov 4, 2016 RetroLinear

"Quick demo of this great Sequential circuits pro one! This little board delivers the K.O. analog punch! We gave it our complete overhaul spa treatment including circuit mods for

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