Synthesizer FAQs

Open Question: Romantic sounding chord progressions?

I've been trying to write some Romantic synthpop songs on my synthesizer, but I'm having trouble achieving that romantic sound. Any ideas for chord progressions that would do the trick, or any other ideas?

Open Question: Guitar or a synthesiser?

Should I purchase a fender jaguar or a moog little phatty? Which would be more enjoyable etc :)

Open Question: Should I buy a guitar or a synthesiser?

The guitar is a fender jaguar and the synth is a Moog little phatty, which one would be better to buy?

Open Question: How i would be a Music Composer?

I have little more knowledge on Guitar and also in Synthesizer. I want to be a Music Composer. So is their any study format..or some degree courses or any other particular training for the job?

u r answers help me to decide...
with tahnks..

Resolved Question: What's Your Favorite Program to Write Music?

I'm just wondering, and I want to hear everyone's opinions. You can include DAWs, VSTs, RTAS, AU, anything. I'm just wondering because I want to look for specific VSTs and stuff to write good hard rock songs.

Thanks in advance,

Open Question: Music Bands..............?

I had been listening to metal since childhood... y'know Metallica,Iron Maiden,ac/dc,Motorhead,Megadeth etc... and especially liked Metallica best because of their variety of songs... Then I listened to Eminem for a while and a teeny-weeny bit of Michael Jackson.. I wanted to explore so I started listening to Linkin Park and some of their songs were really nice..better than some of the metal,but when i came to know that they used synthesizers to produce much of their music,I can't really listen to 'em, it shocked me... can you tell me some good bands which are similar to Linkin Park,but do not use computers to make music..?? Plz also tell some of their good songs...

Open Question: Does anyone know what this song is?

This is a song I used to hear a lot at my old job, but I don't know the song's name or the artist, and I haven't heard it in years:

-it was played around 2006-2007 (on Muzak)
-it's sung by a male & a female, but it could be by a band
-the guy's voice is kinda low & the girl's voice is kinda high
-it's a slow song with a piano melody
-it has an instrumental break in the middle with a keyboard/synthesizer part at the end of the break that repeats at the end of the song
-the last line of the song sounds like "and there's nothing left to say." It could also be " save" or "" (Our speaker system was old & lousy). It's also the last line before the instrumental break.

I've tried Google, Soundhound, & even Muzak's website, but I can't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Open Question: SONG HELP PLEASE!!!!?

okay this is going to sound stupid but i was at a party and this song came on that says "everybody everybody" and then it says something like "says everybody everybody" it sounds like its in like electric like from a synthesizer or something

Open Question: What do you think of synthesizers in metal?

I think synths work for some forms of metal (gothic, industrial, power, and black) but not others (heavy, thrash, death).

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