Synthchaser #095 - Oberheim OB-Xa Keybed Switch Matrix Repair

Published on Feb 20, 2018 Synth Chaser

"In this video we track down a problem that's causing a range of keys to be dead on this Oberheim OB-Xa. I explain what a switch matrix is and how it's used by synthesizers to scan the keybed--this is still the way things are done today! And we use our new knowledge of switch matrixes to repair the OB-Xa.

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    "This OB-8 is for sale at:

    Most OB-8's use a different style of keybed than found on other OB's. These keybeds often have problems with dead or intermittent key contacts. In this video I show you how to access the key contacts, and how to repair them for reliable long-term operation.

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    Yes, that is my OB-Xa. :)

    "Today I'm repairing an OB-Xa for Matrix of One voice card is dead, and others are failing autotune and sounding really inconsistent from voice to voice. In this video we take a look at the state of the synth, and troubleshoot and repair the dead voice card.

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