SYNTHBLOCKS: Analogue Solutions TREADSTONE Analogue Synth (teaser)

Published on Dec 11, 2017 rezfilter

You might remember the pics and initial details posted here. We now have a video and additional details including a mapping of the controls.

"Introducing the latest SynthBlock: Treadstone!

This small analogue powerhouse features a single analogue VCO, with square and saw waveforms, plus a noise and a sub oscillator, the SSM chip, an analogue echo and a

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  • This one in via liquid sky berlin.

    "The new analogue solutions synthblock synth 'treadstone'

    fully analogue audio and modulation synth circuits with low fi digital echo

    Loop sequencer

    24db filter SSM style

    sub oscillator, LFO, noise, EG, extensive modulation.

    compact size

    quality built

    vintage sound

    discrete VCO design

    wlll be a bit more expensive than the first 2 synthblocks (mr

  • Published on Dec 31, 2017 rezfilter

    "Take it up a notch!

    Here's an audio demo of the Analogue Solutions Treadstone SynthBlock synthesizer -- basically, this video features a variety of sound types using no external processing. All FX you hear in the video are from the Treadstone.

    In this lengthy video, MIDI and/or CV was used to trigger the synth, and all examples were live tweaking captured

  • We've seen the demo videos including initial details (scroll down when you get there). We now have the official press release and the price: £499.00 GBP, $599.00 USD, and €589.00 EUR.

    "Analogue Solutions spreads synthBlocks series wings with tiny Treadstone true analogue mono synth

    KINGSWINFORD, UK: hot on the heels of its inaugural Mr Hyde and Dr Strangelove so-called synthBlocks (launched

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