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  • via Cyril Colom:"I'm working on a new project dedicated to experimental drone sound. I will launch new probes regularly.PS : one of the three drone i already launched was exclusively composed with a famous not so old analogue synth. There is a clue somewhere... guess the synth

  • I have an old guitar body and neck which I have salvaged and I am starting a project to turn it into a digital synth that you play through a guitar. I know how to wire a guitar perfectly, (They are 3 Single Coils by the way) but I do not know how to wire a digital synth or how to include a synth into the original wiring.

    I would very much like to be able to switch from synth to guitar, but if that isn't possible then I would just like it to be a synthesiser.

    If anyone can work out a schematic or anything I will need for a digital synth I would be very happy :)

  • Self-professed ‘big nerd’ Matt Heins has gotten off to a good start with his Kickstarter fundraising project to develop a new DIY synth kit, the Rockit synthesizer. In the first week, he’s got over $1,200 pledged towards the project’s $10,000 fundraising goal. Here’s what Heins has to say about the progress: I’m feeling pretty good [...]

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