Published on Nov 10, 2017 Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK

"Live synth jam at ARK Home Studio Cy.
Pad sounds, rhythm, synth bass, arps programmed on REASON 4.
Novation Ultranova - 8bit lead sound, Clavia nord lead A1 - noice sound(with flanger-reverb-delay effects)
Yamaha REFACE CS - lead sound.
Roland GAIA SH-01 - lead sound."

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  • Published on Jun 18, 2017 Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK

    "Inspired from a track of Tangerine Dream.
    Rhythm and synth bass programmed on REASON.
    Instruments: Clavia nord lead A1, Roland SH-01 GAIA,
    Novation Ultranova, Studiologic SLEDGE 2.1
    Giannis ARK - ARK Home Studio Cy - Nicosia Cyprus."

  • Published on Oct 25, 2017 Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK

    "Synth Jam III inspired from an older track named ''EXOPLANET I''...
    You can find EXOPLANET I track here..

    Synthesizers Clavia nord lead A1 - Roland GAIA SH-01 - Yamaha REFACE CS - Novation Ultranova - Studiologic SLEDGE 2.1

    Controllers M audio OXYGEN 88, 61

    Synth bass and rhythm programmed

  • Published on Aug 20, 2016 GIANNIS ARK

    "Instruments: Studiologic Sledge 2, Novation Ultranova, Clavia nord lead A1, Roland Gaia SH-01. Rhythm and Bass arp programmed on Propellerheads REASON. Original music: Vangelis. Giannis ARK cover. ARK Home Studio Cy."

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