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"The final in the series on the Synclavier II. Thanks to a few requests this week we take a look inside the flight cased CPU,. I play a track on the Synclavier I'm working and show the restoration of keyboard's timber frame following the same hand rubbed method as originally done by New England Digital with the synth was new!

While the Synclavier will

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  • "This page is devoted to information and projects about one of the most sophisticated synthesizers ever made, the New England Digital Synclavier, and its offspring, such as the rare Synclavier I, and its sucessors, such as the big 9600."You will find sections on history, documentation, audio and video. Pictured here is the Synclavier I which consisted of the monitor and three cabinets in the

  • Computer Music (Synthesizers, Synclavier) 1986 Pt. 1YouTube via cowsill2x2. via Nusonica."Outdated but still interesting. Features news on "new" music making machines, including the Synclavier II. Max Matthews, Ronald Surak and Richard Head discuss sampling. Mason Gross. Rutgers. MIDI. PBS. Innovation"Computer Music (Synthesizers, Synclavier) 1986 Pt. 2

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