STRANGER THINGS - Walkin in Hawkins (synth cover)

Published on Nov 10, 2017 sprunging for voltage

"I spent a couple of days tinkering with this song. After hearing the original I wanted to figure it out. It is not a note-for-note re-creation but it is close. I just had fun putting the pieces together. All recorded in one take.

Matrixbrute: bass
Microbrute : first arp
DeepMind 12: second arp
JX-03: slow attack melody
JU-06: sparkly lead


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  • Published on Sep 16, 2016 sprunging for voltage

    "This is a quick rendition of the song 'kids' from the Stranger Things soundtrack. Whipped up on a couple of Microbrutes and a JX-03. It ain't note for note, but it was fun to figure out. Recorded stereo out of the mixer direct into Ableton. Credit for the original song goes to Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Pretty amazing synth work from those

  • Published on Apr 14, 2017 sprunging for voltage

    "My first recorded jam with my new Matrixbrute. I have a glitchy/percussion loop being played by the Matrixbrute. The main synth sequence is from the Keystep and is playing the JX-03. The JU-03 is used for the short "lead/solo" parts that come in a couple of times. The Microbrute is playing the long bassline notes. More of the Matrixbrute to come.

  • I played a little riff on the piano a few days ago, and have been trying to figure out what song that riff is from ever since. I tried to use Midomi/Soundcloud to source the song, but it appears that they don't have it in their database. I say that it sounds similar to Scarf!s song, Odyssey, because the lead synthesizer's sound and melody are similar to the riff I have in mind. However, the riff I played is much more to-the-beat than Odyssey...

    Here's a link to the song I'm referencing:

    I believed I have ruled out a couple of artists...
    Alice Deejay.
    Daddy DJ.
    DJ Mangoo.

    Help me out, please?

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