Southern Oregon Synth Meet 8/5/17

Published on Aug 9, 2017

This one in via Brian Comnes who had the following to say:

"This is a video summary of the August 5 Southern Oregon Synth Meetup in the VIP lounge of the old Ashland Armory, There were nine attendees with a wide range of synth sounds. This was a first meetup and was considered a success by all. We will meet again in early November.

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    You probably already know that synth meetups are a great way to meet and learn from other people that are into synths. This video, from Pacific Northwest Synth  2009, documents five more reasons to go to a synth meetup.
    5 Reasons To Go To A Synth Meetup

    1. They are the synth geek equivalent of a trip to the Playboy Mansion – everywhere you look, you see something gorgeous.
    2. Everybody there thinks that guys rocking out with keytars are cool.
    3. Where else are you going to see a giant Mini Modular?
    4. Analog IS better than digital. Especially when it’s digitally-controlled analog.
    5. Three words: MIDI-controlled skulls

    If you made it to Pacific Northwest Synth 2009, leave a comment with your experiences or links to videos and photos from the event!
    via redmartian:
    Here is a live performance of the MMM demo number four featuring the stack of MMMs behind, the Syntar (the father of the MMM) and the new AcidLab MIAMI in MIDI mode.
    The bass line, arpeggio and drums were sequenced in Logic.
    The Skulls were triggered via Logic (the percussion tracks) using Division-6’s MIDIFY.

  • billtmiller posted a photo:

    PAUL / NICK Synth Duo at Bos Mod

    PAUL D & NICK D duo improv set at BOSTON MODULAR SYNTH Meet-Up & Jam at Arlington Center for the Arts - 06.18.16

    Photo by Bill T Miller (please credit)

    Hosted by Paul Geffen & Luke Stark & Sam Holland


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    Orlando Synthesizer Meetup December 2016

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