Sonic Origins | Moor Mother

Published on Mar 1, 2018 Moog Music Inc

"Step inside the world of Philadelphia, PA artist Moor Mother as she explores the miracles that have taken her from dreams of making music to performing on stages around the world. Drawing on influences from Alice Coltrane to Sun Ra to quantum physics, Moor Mother uses sound as an agent of resistance, transforming her performances into a sonic catalyst

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  • Quite the title for a post. Try and keep your thoughts clean! ;)

    DFAM, BFAM, thank you MAM!

    via @moogmusicinc

    "We are family.

    Brother from Another Mother. #moogfest2016
    Drummer from Another Mother. #moogfest2017

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    Mutant Snare & Mutant Hihats added to the Mad Music Machine


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