Siel Opera 6, Ensoniq DP/4+, Arturia Beatstep

Published on Jan 5, 2018 Joakim Floke

"In this video I'm having a go with my Opera 6 again... I coudn't resist to shoot this toghether with the Ensoniq DP/4+. They sound so good. The Siel usually sounds very dry and frothy. Not so much more. A bit of compression, wee chorus, delay and reverb from the DP/4+ just makes it so sweet!"

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  • Published on Feb 6, 2017 Joakim Floke

    "Showing the Siel Opera 6 potential. Not so many videos of this piece out there so I thought I make one with some info. It's as usual more about the sound than the playing performance. Just noodeling really.. Have some delay on there just for earcomfort but I turn it off when needed. No talking..."

  • "This is a synth demo of the SIEL Opera 6. All sounds from the Opera 6 multitracked in Ableton Live. No effects, no compression, no equalizing...

    Have fun and download it,

    Another all Siel Opera 6 track. This is by Dibu-Z recommended by Patrick in the The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge who brought us the previous post.

  • YouTube via kortemutka9

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