The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music: Number Five

"Fifth Electronic Music Festival comes to Birmingham and this time around it includes an all-day free electronic music event featuring talks, demonstrations, interactive sessions, synth manufacturer attendance, a room for attendees to set up and show off their synth gear and a number of free live performances!

In March of 2018 the fifth ‘The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music’ takes

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  • This collection of photos come from Moog Music’s visit to the Movement Festival (aka Detroit Electronic Music Festival or DEMF2011). Organizers have announced record attendance for the current paid incarnation of the event, with attendance across three days topping 99,000.

  • "In November of 2016 the inaugural ‘The Seventh Wave Festival of Electronic Music’ takes place across four days and across three venues in Birmingham.

    The stellar ‘live’ line-up includes highly influential ambient industrialists :zoviet*france:, revered ‘Kraut-rock’ and electronica collective Gnod, Ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur (responsible for inventing the group's electric drums used

  • "Electronic Music Summit 2006 will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 3rd. EMS is a free, all-day celebration of live electronic music, featuring performances from nationwide artists, seminars, and interactive workshops. EMS showcases performers creating music in front of the audience using a wide array of music machines and instruments. This event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for

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