Sequential Circuits Poly Sequencer Model 1005 for Prophet 5 Synthesizer Rev 3

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

"Sequential Circuits Polyphonic Sequencer Model 1005 in very good cosmetic condition but not completely functional. Sequencer functions normally if recording and playing back sequences from it's internal memory. Braemar tape drive is defective so drive will need repaired or replaced to save, playback and store to and from tape. A new Braemar tape

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    Here's something you don't see every day. The original cassette tape for the SCI Poly Sequencer 1005. The listing is for both the unit and the tape, but the tape is what struck my eye. Anyone that collected rare tapes and/or record albums knows the feeling when you see something like this. Doing a quick search for Poly Sequencer 1005 on the site, this appears to be

  • Title link takes you to shots via this auction."Sequential Circuits PROPHET 10 Synthesizer Rev. 3 , Serial # 007 c. 1981 (Lucky number 7 !!) by Dave Smith*(This is the last and best version of the Double Manual Prophet 10 series with the Breamer tape drive sequencer)---Includes Complete Technical Manual with Schematics and Diagrams (purchased from Wine Country Sequential), which also includes

  • This one is labeled as a Tape Sequencer on Lt. John J. Rambo where you'll find another shot and other posts featuring more including the TB-303 vs. TBX-303 and Pro-One Circuit Board Art. Anyone know what size tape this took?

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