Self Sequencing Modular Patch II

Self Sequencing Modular Patch II from ka010 on Vimeo.

"Evolution of my previous patch ( [here]) this time all self running, no wiggling at all. Darwin is triggering the snare, bassdrum and hihats are triggered from a the Doepfer A-166 logic module which is fed with various triggers and clock divisions. The main sequence is still coming from a Pressure Points which

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  • Ghost in the Machine - Modular Patch from ka010 on Vimeo.

    "Self sequencing modular patch built around a prototype which goes by the name of -Darwin- and is best described as a evolving trigger sequencer.

    Darwin is triggering the main sequence which is coming from a Braids oscillator (CSAW) which is then fed through one filter of the Korgasmatron a Spring Reverb and Echophon.

    Bass is coming

  • Doepfer Unplugged from Isotope Of Me on Vimeo.
    "Here's a short noisy one for all of you Modular purists out there. These are a couple of cuts from some time playing with a few ideas on the Doepfer. Essentially VCO 1 is frequency Modulating VCO 2 through the linear input. The signal being fed into VCO 2's FM input is being gated/enveloped via VCA and EG 1 so that it only modulates the attack, leaving the sine output unchanged during the decay phase of the sound.

    LFOs 1 and 2 are driving the S&H unit, which in turn is feeding the VC input of LFO 3 which is in turn triggering the EGs.

    Cubase is feeding in a 4 note sequence for a bit of tonal change in addition to the rhythmic element to the patch.

    The final output is coming from the VCF bandpass output, which is also being modulated by EG1."

  • "Three VCOs running as External Instruments in Logic, random CCs & pitch information generated by a Sequentix P3 to various plug-in parameters.

    The patch:
    1) Livewire AFG linear FM'd by Cwejman MMF-1,
    reverb depth modulation.
    2) Cwejman VCO-2RM > Plan B M13,
    delay time & level modulation.
    3) Cwejman VCO-2RM > Doepfer A-105,
    flanger feedback-level modulation."

    You can find it on navs.modular.lab

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