On the run by Pink Floyd on Roland SH-01 GAIA

Published on Nov 14, 2017 Sergio Paganini

"I’ve recently bought a used Roland SH-01 GAIA, and try to make the famous sound of Pink Floyd “On the run” from 'Dark side of the moon'.
This settings are based on a video by Gattobus https://youtu.be/mR_8YKC1w-w .Thank you for sharing.
It’s a little bit long, so have patience .
I can send the file with the settings for the freeware GAIA tools by Grauw

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  • I remember this song but only vaguely. I can hear part of it in my head, but not any of the words. I *think* it might be Pink Floyd. It's got a faster beat like One Slip; the guitar riff reminds me a bit of the riff from 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynrd Skynrd. The part I remember has synthesizer chords and the sound of a british police car.

    HELP! It's driving me crazy!
    SOLVED (I asked it in more than one board). Turns out it was Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. Sounds *kinda* like Pink Floyd, I'll freely admit it's not the same.

    And I did give all the details I had; that's all I could remember! But thanks for trying to help anyway!
    P.S. I have The Wall, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Meddle, The Division Bell, and Dark Side of the Moon. I went through all the Pink Floyd albums on iTunes and still couldn't find it, which is why I asked for help.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    Pink Floyd’s On The Run features one of the most famous step-sequenced synth riffs in history.
    This video captures a Sequential Circuits Pro-One tweakathon based on On The Run.
    While this isn’t a very close match to the original, the video does a good job of capturing the character of the SCI Pro-One.

    via GCom67, Synth TV:
    Pro-One noodle in the style of Pink Floyd’s ‘On The Run’
    Lexicon reverb and delay was added to the sound!

  • ROLAND Germany posted a photo:

    Roland GAIA SH-01 Synthesizer

    Kleiner Synthie, großer Sound - Nach wie vor GAIA.

    Mit seinem satten Sound, einfacher Bedienung und einem günstigen Preis ist der GAIA SH-01 ein hochwertiges Instrument mit "Old School-Charme".

    Der direkte Zugang und der kräftige Sound machen den GAIA SH-01 zum idealen Instrument für Schüler, Komponisten und Live-Musiker.


    Die GAIA-SH01 Sound Designer Software gibts hier..

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