Roland TB-303 With Quicksilver CPU

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  • Published on Jun 29, 2012 by ripe909previously posted here"We demonstrate various interesting ways to use the MIDI control mode of the Quicksilver 303. For more information:"via this auction"For sale we have a Quicksilver upgraded Roland TB-303 analog synthesizer. The machine has a lot of cosmetic paint wear all over the case (see pictures).

  • via this auction

    "This 303 has the Social Entropy 303 Quicksilver mod installed which adds a lot of extra functionality and full MIDI via the mini USB jack. See the Social Entropy 303 Quicksilver website for more info and the manual. This 303 has the latest firmware/OS installed for the Quicksilver mod."

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    "Roland TB-303 with Social Entropy Quicksilver CPU... It adds Midi in and out via midi ports and USB. The sequencer need never be stopped, you can switch between Track, Pattern modes on the fly. Programming is easier, but you loose none of the original 303 sound. Please see links if you require further information or message me and I will answer your questions. Quicksilver info

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