Roland JX10 - Vecoven OS 3.11 + Wilkinson v1.0 Noritake Display driver

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Sandro Codazzi

"Here a small test of some of the main features of new OS combined with enhanced mode editing with Noritake Gu-280 display.
Some other useful features are in, like pedal assign to editing parameters, SysemxDump, Sysex single patch send/receive and more...."

JX10 v3714 - Arpeggiator Test - Milan E-LAB Studio

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  • Published on Aug 15, 2015 Guy Wilkinson

    "Here is a video of my latest home project; a replacement display for the Roland JX10 and MKS70 Synthesizers. Note that blinking characters on the display don't blink regularly due to video editing.

    To attach a new display to the synth and display the basic text is quite straightforward but getting the best out of a modern VFD module using fancy fonts

  • Remember the Sequential Circuits Studio 440 with Vacuum Florescent Display? Here's another by Mark. Title link takes you to more shots."Here's my Prophet VS keyboard, which I have just retrofitted with a vacuum fluorescent display by Noritake. Because the VFD is thicker than the stock LCD by almost 3/8", the lengths of all the standoffs between the front panel, the front panel PCB, and

  • via eBay

    "Released in 1986, it was Roland's last analog synth and boy it is a monster with 12 voices and 24 oscillators! The MKS70 is the rack version of the JX10 and is essentially 2x JX8P engines in a box with a nice VFD display.

    This is no vanilla MKS70, it comes loaded with the latest Vecoven OS version 4.09 which completely overhauls the synth to allow proper modern MIDI control along

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