Roland Juno-6 Museum Condition Perfect Working Original Case / Serial # 2161**

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  • via this auction

    Kind of interesting these have US in the serial number. Did any other Roland synths do this?  The Juno-106 didn't as far as I can tell. Remember this for Synth Jeopardy.

    "Roland MKS-7 synth module in EXCELLENT condition. I doubt there are many out there like this. Super clean module in perfect working order. Comes with original box, original manual, original sound chart and

  • via this auction

This SH-2 is in perfect working condition and in very good condition!!
This unit was overhauled by Roland professional technician.
    come with Original Case and paper work(copy)."

  • SN 840754 with Original Sales Tag via this auction

    Original price of ¥239,000 comes out to $38,921.94.

    "Beautiful SH7 in perfect working order with the original hard case from Roland and the original price tag still attached to the power cable. These very rarely come up on ebay, let alone in this condition, with the original case and tag. All functions tested and functional. Very nice unit."

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