Roland Juno-6 Analog Synthesizer SN 203962

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  • YouTube via retrosound72."synth demo by RetroSoundbass: Roland Juno-106pad: Roland Juno-60drums: Roland TR-707The sound character of the two "Juno Brothers" is absolutely different!more info:"

  • YouTube via retrosound72. Part 1 here."Some self-made retro-sounds from the Roland Juno-106. The Juno sound is awesome! Very, very bassy! more info:"

  • images via this auction"The MKS-30 is the rack version of the Roland JX-3P keyboard and the GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer. Sounds like a Juno Series Syntheszer, but much better since it has 2 oscillators with sync and ring modulation, as well as PWM. Excellent Filters plus, one of the best features, just like the Juno 60, 106 and MKS-7, is the pitch bends have a very analog, elastic kind of

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