RetroSound MK-100 Kontakt Instrument

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Kontakthub

"The RetroSound MK100 is a combined synth and drum machine based on the MK100 from the early 80s, lovingly recreated for NI’s Kontakt sampler.

All synth presets can be customised with different waveforms and envelopes in exactly the same way as the hardware, together with the chorus and tremolo effects.

In addition

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  • Published on Dec 13, 2017 Kontakthub

    "The Minipoly contains amazing raw analogue and tape oscillator samples, great filters, a chord system and six effects.
    The TAPE SAW OSC are long sawtooth waves recorded for each key on tape of a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo. You can hear wow and flutter and even tape dropouts - quite similar to a Mellotron. The SAW OSC

  • YouTube via retrosound72."short synth demo with some typical bass, lead, fx and sync-sounds by RetroSound. The Pro-One is very versatile and my favorite bass-synth together with the Minimoog. no external effects used, pure Pro-One sound :-)more info: and"

  • PowerFX has added 3 synths, a drum machine and a noise generator to their free web-based music sequencer, Soundation Studio.
    The virtual instruments included are:

    • “Simple”, a 4 oscillator synth with Saw, Square, Sine and Noise waveforms complete with Amp and Filter envelopes.
    • “Mono”, 2 oscillator synth with a mix pot to blend the saw and square waveforms.
    • “SuperSaw”, 7 oscillators with Detune, Spread and Amp envelopes.
    • “Drum Machine”, with 8 classic 808 style sounds and individual drum sound settings for Gain, Pitch, Hold and Decay.
    • Noiser” is a white noise generating synth with an Amp envelope for the romantics in us all.

    Note clips and a side chain emulator called “Fakie” are other new developments to Soundation Studio.
    These are in addition to the existing 400 loops, 9 real time effects and publish to web functionality.
    Soundation is looking more and more like it could evolve into a web-based Garageband.

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