Red Roland SH-101 Synthesizer + Hand Grip SN 320733

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  • via this auction"The optional hand grip for the roland sh-101 enables you to strap the synth on and play it "keytar" style. The hand-grip has to controls- pitchbend wheel and vibrato/modulation button."

  • So I'm a junior in Winter Drumline. I played Synthesizer this year, but I want to play snare more than anything. We play matched grip, but when I try to practice, my left hand is a mess. I crush doubles, I can't play fast, and I use my arms quite a bit. My friend told me about a technique where you kinda "squeeze" the stick to use your hand more and take out your arms. It worked with my right hand, but my left hand is incredibly weak. Any tips on strengthening my left hand???

  • Neil Vance posted a photo:

    RED SH101 & MGS-1 GRIP

    I just acquired the grip today!

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