Random Source Serge SSG Eurorack Module

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Side note: thought this was a pretty neat pic. Note how the wood grain lines up with the knobs and the module. It's as if the module is emanating energy, which when you think about it, technically it does.

"The Serge Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG) is a complex multi-functional module which can be patch programmed to provide various

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  • felix inferious has a post up what makes a Serge modular different from others. It's a fascinating read and useful if you are not familiar with Serge systems. Note that it is written from the perspective of someone researching a system. If you've ever had GAS (gear acquisition syndrom) and have researched a synth ad nauseam, you will appreciate this post. The following is just an excerpt so do check out the full post for more.

    "That brings me to my next advantage of the Serge. Functional density. In Serge-land, they call this "patch programmability". Depending on how you patch a particular function block, you can achieve different results. The "Smooth / Stepped Generator" (SSG) for example, can not only be a S+H, but also a VC slew limiter, VC LFO (triangle and square), clock, LPF/LPG, lo-fi VCO, zero-crossing detector, and more with any combinations of these (that's right, most of those functions only require one half of the module!). This module is even one-upped by the "Dual Slope Generator" (DSG) which has an unprecedented number of patch programmable functions, yet on the surface, it's just an AD envelope generator. It's this "patch programmability" that really attracts me to the Serge system. The flexibility and range of sounds possible in even a single panel (or even M-odule) is rather astounding."

  • Bananalogue has introduced the Serge VCS Eurorack Module.
    Designed by Seth Nemec and Ken Stone with the cooperation of Serge Tcherepnin, the Serge VCS universal slope generator is now available in Eurorack modular format from Bananalogue.
    The VCS packs a lot of functions into a 16hp module.
    Uses include:

    • slew/portamento
    • AR envelope generator
    • sound processing/wave-shaping

    It can also act as an oscillator, LFO, modulation source and more.
    via BigCityMusic

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    The Serge Smooth / Stepped Generator is very deep.
    Here are a handful of patches that highlight some of the functions that can be performed through patch programming the different sections of this module.
    For more info and patching ideas see the SSG Hi jinx pages at serge-fans.com.

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