Radio Frequencies

Published on Jan 3, 2018 JeffreyPlaide

"Radio Frequencies is a free-form experimental electronic music composition using the free control of individual audio oscillators to create modulating and FM tone sources as the basis for wild and free tonal expression not unlike the early electronic music pioneers who used discrete signal generators for the creation of complex sonics. The Eurorack

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  • YouTube via JeffreyPlaide
    "This purely electronic original atonal composition was created without the use of any kind of synthesizer or musical generator. The combinational signal sources were recorded from the Adobe Audition signal generator function to generate fundamental sine, triangle or square waveforms and their associated harmonics as chosen from the software. Various waveforms were recorded with different initial and final frequencies and modulation attributes. Some waveforms had period rests inserted to create short frequency bursts, with some frequency segments being pitch-shifted to create pseudo-arpeggiated patterns. These sequences were processed with light chorus, flanging or reverb. A small number of waveforms were generated using the DTMF signal function - similar pulses (but modified) to digital dial tone telephone signals. Three first-order sequences were mixed. The first sequence incorporated many spliced segments sequenced by the aid of a light rhythm pattern created on the Hammerhead Rhythm Station. The second sequence included several spliced patterns but without the rhythm track. The last sequence was a complex ring-modulated cascade of rising and falling sine waves added to further ring-modulated sine waves. A simple arpeggiated chordal pattern functions to conclude the work. These three first order sequences were mixed with overlap edits and re-mixed and equalised at specific regions along the timeline to emphasize particular frequencies. The result is an abstract, dark and atonal electronic composition reminiscent of the style and execution explored by some of the early electronic music pioneers who used signal generators and magnetic tape recorders to splice together complete compositions without the use of a keyboard or other music interface. The visuals are a mixture of video imagery combined with oscilloscopic modulations performed by the Adobe Premier WaveWarp function and utilizing second-order modulation processing and colour manipulation."

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  • Free Music Friday: The Synthi Group has released The Synthi Group Vol. 2, a free album of tracks featuring the EMS Synthi AKS analog synthesizer:
    The Synthi Group is back for the second installment of their ongoing Electronic Music Studio (EMS) instrument centered compilations. With the popularity of Vol. I, downloaded over 41,000 times, it was made clear that an interest exists for the unique sound of EMS machinery. Vol. II continues the DIY ethic of the first, encapsulating a diverse array of sounds from ultrasonic frequencies and spring reverb howls to rubbery logic sequences and colliding inverted ramp oscillators.
    The members presenting their own manipulations and interpretations of the Synthi. Encompassing elements from vintage analog, ambient, glitch and experimental, both beginners and aficionados of electronic music alike will find interest in the varying styles presented here. Available through Clinical Archives, the Synthi Group: Vol. II must not be missed. Bleep.

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