Quick synth tip: How to play pads/chords with a MONO synth (MiniBrute 2, Z-DSP, Clouds, Disting)

Published on Mar 5, 2018 loopop

"Mono synths are great for lead or bass lines, but if you're in a jam (pun not intended...) and need to play chords or pads, here's a quick trick that will solve that problem for you."

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  • so i just recently go the roland ax-synth as a present for christmas
    it's my first synthesizer like instrument and i'm just playing around with it to get used to the instrument.
    what i noticed is that when i try to play in certain different modes (eg. synth lead 1 or bass) it only allows me to play one note at a time (i can't play 2 notes at the same time). But when i select another mode such as strings i can play chords.
    I am wondering if there is anyway i can adjust the settings so i can change this.

    thank you

  • YouTube via CZRider01"A video demonstration of a technique to play chords with a monophonic synthesizer.Using an MS-20 drenched in reverb to get ambient type pads."

  • i tries to find the Pandora heart basic chords all over the Google but i couldn't find it. or rather i couldn't understand them. actually the thing is that i play synthesizer not piano so i need chords to play it. so guys please show me or tell me the chords. i really like that song so i gotta play it. please guys dont tell me piano notations please. I PLAY SYNTHESIZE NOT PIANO.

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