Percussa SSP Update: Anodized Front Panel Prototypes & More

via the Percussa SSP kickstarter

"Anodized front panel prototypes; Audio inputs, programmable logic, Buttons, Encoders and More!

Hi everyone!

First of all we wish you a happy and successful 2018!

We continued working during the holidays, on the bringup of the SSP hardware: as I wrote in my last update, we still had some work to do on the audio inputs. On the Percussa engine there are only 2

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  • via the Percussa SSP Kickstarter where you'll find additional pics.

    "First of all happy holidays, and we wish you a healthy and succesful 2018! We received our SSP prototype PCBs the 22nd of December, together with the SSP front panel prototypes. The first thing we did was a quick visual inspection of the PCB to make sure there was nothing odd going on. I use a stereo microscope for that and

  • Remember Percussa's Audio Cubes? They are now available. Title link takes you to the updated Percussa site where you can find more info. You can also see more shots here.Previous Percussa posts

  • via the Percussa SSP Kickstarter:

    "Hi everyone,

    This past week myself and Celine have been hard at work on the software. Like I wrote in our last update, we've been working on the SSP's menu system and fixing bugs in the graphical user interface.

    We've also worked on adding support for the SSP's 16 inputs and 8 outputs in our software: the input and output modules, which are used in the

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