Original Mark 1 Octave CAT Model 1853 SN A1955

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"Original Mark 1 Octave CAT Model 1853 analogue synthesizer. Serviced and in perfect working order.

It's possible to lose hours investigating what one of these can do - a very inspiring synth and one of our favourites. It's Duophonic so you can play a bass/drone note and tap out a lead line as well - very effective.

This synth is in excellent cosmetic condition for its age.

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    "Vintage Octave CAT Synthesizer model 1853, S/N A1955. Note: this is duo-phonic, pre SRM version... Three ICs were replaced and it was cleaned and calibrated... It is in good working condition and fully functional. Cosmetically it is overall good. All of the knobs are original except for three. In the photo they are the ones for VCO1 Coarse and Fine tuning and VCA volume.

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    "The CAT by OCTAVE Electronic Synthesizer MODEL 1853 - My Electronics Tech has just serviced this unit and it is in 100% complete working order and the following was done [ Cleaned Keyboard Control and Contacts - Cleaned VCA Control - Cleaned VCO1 Switch and repaired a broken Pin on - 15V Regulator ]. Physical condition is very good as shown. I noticed one of the little rubber

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    "The Cat SRM synthesizer, made in USA by Octave electronics, model 1853. This synth is in excellent working condition, and has just been serviced and calibrated by Tim Wallhead in London (26th Jan 2012)... Fitted with an original 1980's Kenton electronics mod providing the usual 1volt/octave control voltage inputs for cv, gate and filter on three mini jack input sockets at rear

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