Oberheim Two Voice TVS Pro

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"Absolutely as new. With both boxes, manual, etc.

Legendary SEM tones, twin sequencers with song mode, patch panel for extra modulation routing and hooking up to your modular setup. Keyboard with MIDI In/Out, velocity and aftertouch."

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  • images via this auction"Roland JD-800 ( JD 800 ) Synth including 5 Sound Libraries (SL-JD 80). This keyboard is 61 keys, Velocity & Channel Aftertouch(working on all 61 keys) w/ 4 velocity curves; 24 voice polyphony; 6 Parts Multitimbral (Multi mode): 5 part multitimbral + drum mode; Sound memory: 64 internal RAM patches storage positions plus 64 Rom-card patches; Tone generation: S+S (Sampling

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