Oberheim Four Voice FVS-1 SEM

via this auction

"As you can see from the pictures, a MediaMix aftermarket kit was installed in this synth. The kit features 3 separate master CV (control voltage) adjustment knobs connected to each SEM, a knob to adjust pitch bend intensity, and a knob to adjust VCF bend intensity. Pitch bend is on the X axis and Filter CV (control voltage) is on the Y axis. The small switches turn on and

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  • via Chad Burger on perthband.com where you will find more info and shots."I have modded a casio sk-1 keyboard with a circuit bent patch bay which is linked to the switches on the atari part of the controls. The two silver dials control a pitch bend and a poly voice filter bend. I also installed a 1/4" guitar jack out and a red reset button as sometimes the bends cause the sk-1 so freak-out and

  • YouTube via bigcitymusic
    "The Analogue Systems rs300 CV/MIDI eurorack module allows you to take a control voltage and convert it into virtually any kind of MIDI message.

    In this case we're using the Analogue Systems rs35 External Processor module to convert the Moog Cherry Etherwave theremin audio into a pitch control voltage. That control voltage in turn is controlling the pitch bend of the Dave Smith Prophet '08 keyboard. By setting the pitch bend range on the DSI you can decide the range of the theremin's control. The rs300 module can actually control multiple MIDI parameters at one time. For recording synthesists the rs300 can be an invaluable tool for recreating complicated modular patches and sequences."

  • I mean as like a plug in extension for my electric piano. I have a synthesiser rack for my Roland electric keyboard but would really like a pitch/modulation bend wheel.

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