Oakley Sound Systems Modular Analogue Synth

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Soundgas

via this auction

"Stunning, high-quality Oakley modular synth housed in two custom solid oak cases. Comprises 13 5U-size modules including a large custom LFO/ADSR/Mixer unit.

See below for a full list of modules.

Includes MIDI, external 240v power supply and there is space in once case for more modules.

Fully serviced and tested by us. All sockets cleaned

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  • via krisp on the AH list:"Hi to everyone This is to inform you all that I will be taking orders for fully built Oakley Sound modules. The aim of Krisp1 is to supply Oakley modular built to the high specifications that Tony intended when designing these modules. we are based in the UK and will ship worldwide. all modules will be built to the RoHS. I have spent the last 2 months stocking parts

  • YouTube via bigcitymusic"Here is a video showing features of the Analogue Systems eurorack power supply which is found in all current Analogue Systems cases.Eurorack modules from a variety of manufacturers can be used in Analogue Systems cases as they come standard with both Analogue Systems sockets and Doepfer-style sockets. Analogue Systems power supplies are set up for both 115 volts and

  • via this VEMIA auction
    "A very nice little Moog modular set-up, with modules made recently, but 'proper Moog' - made by Moog CE aka Modusonics, the company Mike Bucki, the Moog Custom Engineering person in the old days, set up after Moog's original demise - so you can be sure they are the genuine article. The system includes (with US prices from a year or two ago): Moog 904a classic low-pass VCF ($835) Moog 921 improved stability full-featured VCO ($1285) Moog 902 VCA ($485) Moog 911 Envelope Generator ($425) Moog C3PO discrete Mixer ($435) Moog 995 Attenuators ($220) Without allowing for any price rise, that is $3685. With shipping and import duty/tax to England, that is $4765, which is £2883 at today's rate. They are in a case, fully working with power supply. The case is a home made job so a little heath robinson! It has a QS1 dot com power supply enough to power around 40 modules. The power supply is about a year old and rock solid reliable. The case will fit any 5u Moog-size modules in top row and 3u eurorack size below. There is a custom Moog Custom Engineering harness that runs directly off the dot com power supply, with edge connectors for up to 9 Moog modules. Dot com or any other plus and minus 15V modules will run directly off of the power supply so the Moog can mix with dot com, Oakley, MOTM etc.. (VEMIA note: We certainly expect this to be bid on in the main auction at this price - with the additional dotcom power supply, and Moog CE harness with nine connectors, it's worth well over £3000 even ignoring the useful case, and you by-pass the scarily long Modusonics waiting list. But if not, all modules will be re-entered in second chance sunday as individual lots.)"

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