Livid Intros Sexy Interactive Reactive Touch Thing

Livid, the dudes behind the Tactic VJ controller and the insane RGB guitar, has introduced respond-r, an interactive video system that creates immersive multimedia experiences through responsive physical interaction and audience participation.

CME Offers Free Case For BitStream 3X

CME have announced a new promotion that qualifies the first 999 registered customers who purchase the BitStream 3X to receive a free, custom-fitted aluminum case.


Divine Intervention

Who needs a sequencer...

EML Electrocomp-101

via Oliver

Buchla 200e Demos

In case you missed it, there are a couple of new demos up on this post.


Shot of Keith Emerson and his impressive Moog modular. Click through for another impressive shot. : )

Elka Synthex

Title link takes you to more shots pulled from this auction. via Failed Muso

The Bob Moog Foundation

Title link takes you there. Don't forget to play a Moogy tune for him on the 21st, and be sure to drop by Caring Bridge.

Plan B in Analogue Haven

A few more shots here (unfortuantely a bit blurry). This other shot is pretty cool.

exercizer - New Flickr Shot

flickr by devowski.I so need one of these.

Theis Modular With Korg MS10 on YouTube

"korg ms 10 controlled whit lfo of theis modular TMSS (moog filter)"YouTube by mikbj. via More on the Theis Modular.

Treat Yourself :)