Korg Kaoss Pad 3 rumours

Lukatoyboy writes from Hungary Croatia: "A guy from the music store showed me the photo and technical details for the new Kaoss Pad which is out "end of september/october". There will be 4 pads [sample pads at the bottom, not four x-y pads], each with up to 13 seconds sampling, a usb port and SD slot for wav/aiff loading/saving. There's also new effects and presets, and the pad can display your programmed text messages.

Some more Matrixsynth displays

This is my first attempt at making a post on Synthwire. Here are some more displays and patch names Matrix can add to his collection.

Live geeking from Synth DIY 2006!

Just got back from Synth DIY 2006 in Cambridge, and posted this Flickr Set. Highlights for me were playing with and drooling over Alan McKerchar's incredible EMS Synthi-style Soundlab Mini Synth here, and Paul Maddox's nice digital/analog Defender synth here.

A fine Australian Synth Birthday Cake

I'm about to head off to Synth DIY UK, so there's just time to post this fine picture of Mike from Swinging Tasty Bag's splendid Nord Lead 2X birthday cake. More pictures in this gallery. Previous synth cakes here.


Theremax in a Nintendo case

It's like hearing a new word for the first time and then suddenly it appears everywhere... Just a day after 0006 posted a video of himself playing the theme song from "The Legend of Zelda" on a theremin, Reade Q Sample blogged pictures of his Theremax stuffed into an old Nintendo video game console.

Miami Vice theme axed from new film

Lyle writes with horrifying news that the new Miami Vice film, out this weekend, has no trace of Jan Hammer's theme, let alone the original video, which saw Jan playing his Fairlight and running about with an attache case.

The cool life and cool gear of Gil Mellé

FMass writes: "Last night I was watching The Andromeda Strain, this seminal sci-fi movie from 1971. I was amazed by the soundtrack and this morning I went to check Gil Melle's website. I found this collection of home built instruments that I have to share with you right away!" Above, left to right: 'Electar 3', 'Wireless Synth', 'Tome VI', 'White Noise'.

Soundbytes releases HurdyGurdyLE v0.901 beta

25th July 2006: Soundbytes has updated HurdyGurdyLE beta to v0.901. The most visible changes are in the performance controls panel: It is now possible to set the playable range between A2 and D4. When 'Key Hold' i...

Bhajis Loops + Tungsten T3 = £75. Bargain!

Every few weeks, I get an email from someone saying "You should post something about Bhajis Loops. It's amazing!" It's a studio-in-a-box which runs on Palm handhelds. I've written about it a couple of times . So, finally inspired by this thread full of more happy users, I emailed Olivier, who told me (roughly) "Get a Tungsten T3. They've got a clever memory thing, they're cheap, and they're cool". So I did. Mine came with a Wifi card for £85, some go for £60. The software is $27, and you can buy 1gb SD cards for £10 on the 'bay.

New from Zvex - the Ringtone guitar pedal

Zachary Vex's latest (well, March 2006) invention is the Ringtone. Unfortunately, it won't make everything you play sound like the Crazy Frog. It's a ring modulator with the carrier signal coming from an 8 step sequencer. That sounds like blah blah science blah until you watch this [QT] wonderful demo video.

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