The Casio PT-1

No title link. Just this shot and details pulled via this auction.

"This is one of the cutest little synthesizers Casio ever made. It dates from 1981, and is the big brother of the Famous VL-1. You will know the sound of the PT-1 and VL-1 from famous songs like "Da Da Da" by the German group "Trio" (recycled into many different advertizing jingles over the last 26 years - most recently in Australia as "Sa-Ka-Ta"). It was also used in countless songs as a novelty fill in sound (The Bloodhound Gang have used their PT-1 on most of their albums).

Matrixsynth by vgermuse

Title link takes you more Buchla 200e tracks, these via Todd Barton, aka vgermuse. The following is the track listing along with synths used for each.

1. drifting--evi-2000, steiner-parker synthacon, boss rc-20

Yamaha CS80 Schematic

Title link takes you to a full sized scan via the Yamaha CS80 group.

Sequential Circuits MultiTrak Battery Leak Fix

Title link takes you to the details.

Oberheim OB-Xa

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Yamaha YC45D

Yamaha YC45D

Yamaha YC45D

Yamaha YC45D

Yamaha YC45D

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