YouTube via roeek. Roland SH-101.

Acid Cat

"Apu really likes the TB-303 acid sounds of the Future-Retro Revolution demos"

YouTube via audioel

modularsynth total view

flickr by janvanvolt.

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Resurgence of Hardware on RetroThing

One of my favorite blogs, Retro Thing has a post up on the resurgence of hardware at NAMM.

"The recent development of stupidly powerful and stunningly affordable personal computers caused many people to loudly declare that hardware music synthesizers are a dying breed.


flickr by Sandro O.o.

Korg MicroKorg

Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth

flickr by michiel berk aka NL.

Novation X-Station

GMedia Virtual String Machine Video on Sonic State

Title link takes you there. Don't miss the easter egg. : )

EMS Rehberg on EMS Synthi

Title link takes you to a post with a sample of the EMS Rehberg soft synth on EMS Synthi. The verdict? It actually sounds close.

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NAMM via Amateur Chemist

Title link takes you to some images and thoughts of this winter's NAMM on Amateur Chemist. There are two videos of the E-MU modular pictured.

modularsynth total view

janvanvolt posted a photo:

modularsynth total view


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