Star Trek MIDI Controller?

Someone should make a MIDI controller out of thisfor this: The ConBrio ADS 200Title link takes you to Star Trek auction shots on the BBC.Star Trek controller via fmasseti.

Matrixsynth by The Packrat

The Packrat makes a short return from "The Matrix." Whoah... Move over Keanu, he'll re-synthesize the shit out of you.You can imagine my reaction when I saw this one sitting in my inbox.Thank you Dave. BTW, if you don't know The Packrat, go here now, scroll and start with the thumbnail dated 2/23/05. Dave, did I say thanks? : )

Adding Lights to Circuit Bent Gear on GetLoFi

Title link takes you to the post on GetLoFi. Yamaha VSS-200 8-bit SAMPLE GRINDER shots pulled from this auction. This is definitely a case of "turn the lights off" before you play.: )

The Orgon Enigiser

Remember the Orgon Modular? Meet the Orgon Enigiser, analog synthesizer. Love the green. Title link takes you to more info on

PAIA Strings & Things

Title link takes you to two big shots of this PAIA Strings & Things pulled from this cl post. I wonder how these compared to the other string synthesizers out there.via brian comnes.BTW, condolensces to brian comnes who lost his 14 year old cat recently. May he be living it up in kitty heaven with all the other synth cats.cheers,matrix

A(mbient ) - 100

Title link takes you to Widtek Studio and A(mbient)-100. A(mbient)-100 is a collection of tracks from various artists using the Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer. Tracks feature Efofex, Unyo303, and Charles Graef; a few names I recognize from the various synth lists. There's more info on the project and downloads after the hop. Yes, you can download the whole thing for free as part of the

Moog Minimoog - New Flickr Shot

flickr by d-stop.

Matrixsynth by Des

Logo for the day. Thanks Des! And thanks again Tom for letting me run with the Matrix Thing logo for the day. : ) MatrixSynth Blog

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