Ace Tone PS-1000

Ace Tone PS-1000

Ace Tone PS-1000


Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.via Loscha

The Gravity Scale

No title link. Just two shots and details pulled via this auction. Yep. It's encased in a scale. Wish the knobs were motorized for a nice foot massage... samples and site.Details:this device is an 8 oscillator (4 audio +4 ​​lfo).​ ​​​each oscillator is modulated in pitch by ​​an lfo​. ​each lfo has a speed range switch​, up for faster modation, down for slower modulation. each lfo has a

Minimoog Model D

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"Original Moog MiniMoog Model D. Manufactured May 1976. SN 7616. I bought it in 1979, gigged with it for a few years, put it in temp/humidity controlled storage for about 20 years, then brought it out for use in my personal studio. It has been cleaned and tuned, key bushings replaced, wood refinished. Plays great, sounds phat,

Road to Cornwall

Title link takes you to Road to Cornwall, an all EMS Synthi track via David. Those are two lucky kids."the first sound you hear with the filtersweep i sampled from the synthi. The rest is controlled with a Kenton pro 2000 via de control inputs on the synthi. It basically shows that the vco's are quite stable and are well suited for musical use."

Two 6s

A Roland Jupiter 6 and Andromeda A6. Beautiful pair of synths. Image via Javier who sent in this shot earlier.

Muff Wiggler

Title link takes you to Muff Wiggler, Mike McGrath's blog which he promises will feature "95% electronic music (software plugins, synth hardware, modular stuff in particular....)" Currently you will find posts on an AH Metasonix ad, a Blacet/Wiard Miniwave review and this Metasonix Teaser. BTW, you might remember Mike McGrath from these two posts. I'm subbed. : )

Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard MEK

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction

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