Project: Pimento's new album to debut on Spellbound tonight!

The newest album from Project: Pimento will debut on Spellbound tonight! I'm not sure I've heard of too many virtual release parties, so this is pretty exciting.

The program will also feature an interview with Robby Virus and lead singer Lola Bombay, and members of the band will be on hand in the Cygnus Radio chat room during the program to field questions from listeners.

Tune in at tonight at 10 PM to 12 AM Eastern US time (7 PM to 9 PM Pacific time, 0300 to 0500 UTC) to join in the fun.

Ensoniq ESQ-1

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

Roland JP-8000

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

Analog Solutions EMS Synthi Clone

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"EMS Synthi Clone in Doepfer Case with Analog Systems modules-1x Doepfer Koffer-20 x 20 Ghielmetti Matrix-22x Pins (2,7 kOhm) like the EMS white Pins.Analog Systems Modules:-1x RS95e: The new RS95e VCO is identical to the RS95 but has a fine tuning frequency control.-1x RS500e: Genuine Ems synthi filter. This legendary

EMS Synthi Faceplate

MOOG Synthesizer IIIp For Sale - $12000

You don't see this every day. Title link takes you to the ad in the Seattle Craiglist while it is up. I grabbed the text below minus the contact info for future privacy. Check out the MOOG Authorized Performer below. I didn't realized they had that back then. I wonder what you had to do get authorized."MOOG SYNTHESIZER SERIES IIIp1 keyboard and ribbon controllerVintage: 1968One of the

YMO Kirin Beer Commercial

The Making Of.The CommercialYouTubes via housaku999. Previously posted here. Title link takes you to the Making of video on YouTube where you will find more info on YMO in the description for the video. I love the reference to Akira Kurosawa's Dreams. No synth content in the movie, but I highly recommend it. Akira Kurosawa is a master film maker.YMO posts

genoQs Octopus - First Encounter

This one sent my way via genoQs. ; ) Title link takes you to more videos of the Octupus titled First Encounter. Thank you genoQs! I'm feeling pretty flattered at the moment. Matrixsynth by genoQs!

Jordan Rudess Performs Pink Floyd's On The Run

Title link takes you to a QuickTime video of Jordan Rudess performing On The Run live on a modular and KORG OASYS. via Richard Lainhart of O-Town Media.

Sun Pop Blue

Say hi to Freddie and his Serge. Check out the blue system in the second shot. Title link takes you to Sun Pop Blue's home page where you will find more info, music and images.

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