x0xb0x Mod and Mp3

Title link takes you to the mp3 via greg.mods:bass boost (more like bass un-cut)accent decay/min decay extensionvco outputfilter inputfilter input level/overdriveresonance boostenv min, max extensioncutoff extensionvca decaysquare, saw and vca to vcf FMaccent to filter extension

Virus TI OS 2.0 - Grain-table Synthesis?

Title link takes you to a pdf via this thread on HC."OS 2.0 for Virus TI has some new oscillator types:"The new version features additional oscillator types, enhanced Wavetable synthesis and more wavetables. It allows you to see how expensive a chosen patch is and features Section Locking through Virus Control. Patches can be finally sorted by category and the onboard patch ROM contains

Wiard Envelop MARF Model GR-1214A

Multiple Arbitrary Function Generatorflickr by M.M.Title link takes you to more info on Muff Wiggler.Details via Grant Richter of Wiard:"After years of design and months of work I have a kind of working prototype of the Envelooper MARF. It works, but not perfectly yet. I am still getting the bugs out. This is targeted to the Frac-Rac format.MARF stands for "Multiple Arbitrary Function

Pair O' Slopes

flickr by M.M.Title link takes you to more info on Muff Wiggler. Check out Muff Wiggler for other modules.

cftpa poster websize

flickr by burnlab.Title link takes you to more.synth cats

Plan B at Winter NAMM 2007

Click image for full shot.Model 21 Milton Venti (The new Milton has arrived)Model 25 Multi-tasking Audio ProcessorModel 26 Multi-tasking Control ProcessorModel 27 Digital DelayModel 16 Spectral MultiplexerBooth 1785Go here for an audio previewThis is the first I've heard of the Model 25, 26 and 27. This is the first showing of all five in their finished form.Title link takes you to

Light Show

Title link takes you to a 1.83M mp3 by daddio of Tapewarm Studio. "some testing noise (not very musical): doepfer modular/MAQ (super simple patch), kaoss pads, and nord rackII/expressionmate"

Metasonix Video Update

There's a longer version of the video I put up in the previous post. If you already watched it, the new lofi video is worth checking out as there's a bit more to it.

PAiA 2700

PAiA 2700

Treat Yourself :)