Ensoniq VFX

Ensoniq VFX

Yamaha DX200

No title link, just the shots pulled via this auction. The DX200 can load DX7 patches.

Yamaha AN1X

No title link, just the shots pulled via this auction.

Roland TR-808 Box

No title link, just the shot pulled via this auction. Sent my way via Kerry.

Jean Michel Ja... KORN !

polaranta posted a photo:

Jean Michel Ja... <Oooops> KORN !

Street Electronics

"StreetElectronics.com offers analog synth topics /demos /sounds /music and completed designs of devices that make audio, video, light, and other sensory output. The devices are simply created from inexpensive and easily acquired parts and microcontrollers including Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR, Parallax STAMP, and Motorola 68HC11. Custom parts like the MOS Technology 6581 SID chip are also used."


Keith Phillips posted a photo:


Timed self portrait. A video projector is displaying a computer screen with Cakewalk Sonar 5 from the front across my face (hence the yellowish color cast on the left side.)

Contrast, curves and saturation modified quite a bit Photoshop, and some of the image has been desaturated.

Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music

I added another book to the list of Synth Books to the right. This one is via Barry Schroder, featured in these previous posts. The book is out of print, however you can find copies here.Details pulled from here:"This book presents a detailed panorama of electroacoustic music’s principal trends. His approach includes general ideas (terminology, role, listening experience), interviews with

Roland Jupiter-6

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

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