Sealed's New Roland U-110 Page

Title link takes you to Sealed's new Roland U-110 page with info and samples. It sounds a bit like a Korg Wavestation to me.

synthfanKH's Flickr Photo Stream

Photos from synthfanKH's Flickr stream.

The Free Information Society - Schematics

Title link takes you to The Free Information Society Audio Electronic Circuit Schematics page. Synths are on the list.

via Dave

Analoghell - New Flickr Set

flickr by analoghell.

Title link takes you to the set.

"Memorymoog, Jupiter 8 and Waldorf Wave"

Update: The shot belongs to the Turnkey flickr set, so I'm guessing that is where it's from. Can anyone confirm? I heard Turnkey had a room filled with vintage gear but I didn't realize it looked this nice.

Phillip Werren - Electronic Music (1968-1971)

For those of you wanting to hear some Buchla. Title link takes to more info including a sample.

"In 1971 Phillip Werren released a 4 Lp box through Simon Fraser University of his early Electronic Work which was recorded at S.F.U., McGill University & Radio Warzawa, Poland. Only 100 copies where ever made. A few years ago I discovered this record and was completly blown away. The Lp has heavy elements of tape collage, Modular Synthisis, voice, and experimental thought. Some of the pieces where conceived by psychedelic and occult influences. Much of the record was done with a Buchla System 100,the first of their modular synthesizers. I tracked down Phil in Toronto where's he's been living a number of years. Phil taught music composition and theory at York University in Toronto from 1977 to 1997,where he headed York's Electronic Music Studio."

Tiny Little Synths

Title link takes you to a bunch of tiny little synth pictures.

Two Wasps and a Spider

Yamaha DX100 Only Track on Shepitology

Title link takes you to 4 tracks of Yamaha DX100 via Shepitology.

Doepfer Sale at Analogue Haven

If you are on the look out for doepfer.


We (Analogue Haven) are having our summer Doepfer sale again. All new Doepfer gear purchased up until midnight on Saturday, August the 12th will be discounted by 10%.

This sale applies to all new gear that Doepfer manufactures: a-100 modules, systems and patch cables, midi controllers, sequencers, oem/diy products etc.

Matrixsynth by stepwriterun

Marion MSR-2

Treat Yourself :)