Oberheim Perf/x Sound NAVIGATOR, MIDI Performance Effects

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"From the brochure:

'Created by Oberheim, one of the original pioneers of electronic music synthesis, Perf/x MIDI Performance Effects are designed to extend the performance capability of MIDI-based systems.'"

OBERHEIM STRUMMER SYSTEM Keyboard to Guitar Chord Converter

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"Rare vintage Oberheim Strummer p/fx MIDI processor. Turns keyboard chords into simulated guitar strums and more."

permapatch sunrisesunsetsetup

Published on Oct 17, 2017 ggijs

More oddness from synth gear maker gieskes.
In short, the little paper blocks a laser shining on an LDR (light dependent resistor), which in turn causes the reset pin on the Gameboy to activate. I just like looking at it.


Published on Oct 17, 2017 transient (noisyvagabond)

"so this is my first attempt at a circuit based synth. it makes some horrible noises. that's why it's called 'do capacitors dream of electric death?', it sounds like electricity trying to die.
i don't know if it's really useful (the intro tune was a quick little something i made up in Sunvox with noises only from the synth.) But i'm quite

Gerassic by mudlogger

Gerassic by mudlogger from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Tape loop made with a Ciat Lonbarde Gerassic synth and Nagra. Transferred to the er301 and triggered by a Monome grid connected to Teletype. Using the new 2.1 beta firmware for Teletype / Grid enabled scripting."

Tin Roof by mudlogger from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Live modular drone using a Mannequins / Monone ISMS eurorack system"

New Vindor ES1 Saxophone Style Wind Instrument & Controller on Kickstarter

via the Kickstarter campaign:

"At Vindor, we believe that anyone can make music. Playing music should be affordable, accessible and fun for everyone.

That's why we designed the Vindor ES1. It's an electronic saxophone that is easy to play, fun, and inspires creativity.

Playing music develops cognitive, motor, and emotional skills. It also builds confidence and encourages everyone from

Akai MPC Lounge Tutorial Videos

Published on Oct 16, 2017 AkaiProVideo

MPC Lounge: Drum Warp
MPC Lounge: Playing with Ableton Link
MPC Lounge: Audio Tracks
MPC Lounge: Clip Launch
MPC Lounge: Drum Programming
MPC Lounge: Audio Track & Clip Performance
MPC Lounge: Pairing Bluetooth MIDI Keyboards
MPC Lounge: Easy Drum Layering Using Flatten Pad

The Stylophone Gen X-1: The Theme from Toast of London

Published on Oct 17, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is Matt Berry's 'Take My Hand,' otherwise known as the theme from Toast of London realized entirely via multitracking an analog Stylophone Gen X-1 over drums.

The Gen X-1 is a shockingly versatile Stylophone at the same time as being a delightfully fun analog synthesizer.

Of course, you should also check out Toast of London if you can view it

S-Modular - Semi Modular Patchable Synthesizer for iPad

iTunes: S-Modular - DesignByPaul

"S-Modular is a semi modular synthesizer for your iPad.

S-Modular has been designed to have everything on one screen to make patching quick and easy. Drag from one jack port to another to make a connection, tap a plugged port to change the wires color instantly.

S-Modular has a unique and vintage sound quality, reminiscent of synthesizers from the 70s, warm

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