New Waldorf STVC will be $899 US - String Synth & Vocoder Keyboard Based on the Streichfett

See this post from earlier today.

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  • Meet the Waldorf STVC.

    The body is similar to the Blofeld and it appears to be a solo, string, and vocoder synthesizer with effects. The string sections is likely based on the Streichfett. Curious if the solo section is based on the Rocket. If you click on the bottom image it's blurry but you can make out the Solo, String, Vocoder, and Effects sections. This actually looks pretty cool, in

  • Waldorf has announced Streichfett, a new hardware synth that combines the best of the now extinct species of String Synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s. Its dual sound engine features a fully poly [Read More]

  • Waldorf has announced availability of the Streichfett String Synthesizer, bringing back to life the extinct string synthesizer sounds of yesteryear with a modern-day musical twist. Back in the Seven [Read More]

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