New Prototype Optigan/Orchestron Disc Player - Sound Demo

Published on Nov 14, 2017 optigandotcom

"Robert Becker has been making steady progress (in his spare time) on his new Optigan/Orchestron disc player, which we hope will be put into production at some point. There's still lots of work to be done, bugs to iron out, things to be fine-tuned, code to be optimized, etc, but it's currently playable (via MIDI), and the basic sound quality is quite good

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  • This series of videos demonstrates the Vako Orchestron sample playback keyboard, which was an improved version of the Mattel Optigan optical disc playback sampler. via, which is making new sound discs for both the Optigan and Orchestron.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    This is a quick audio demo of the first new Vako Orchestron title since 1975, Marimba. is now taking pre-orders for this disc, which will retail for $99. The initial run will be limited to 25 copies, and they will require 15 pre-orders before going to press.

    via peahix:
    This is a recording of an acoustic marimba from the original Optigan/Orchestron master tapes. This particular sound never made it onto any Optigan or Orchestron disc… until now! P
    lease note that my Orchestron is not in the greatest health, and I also live close to some radio towers that cause some pretty bad interference. Hum, buzz, radio intereference and the occasional scratchy key contact should be disregarded in your evaluation of the quality of the marimba sound.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.Optigan and Orchestron organs are hard to find and temperamental, so gajeanalog decided to build his own:Optigan and Orchestron are optical organs manufactured in 1970s. One day I heard the sound and liked them, and thought I wanted to play them. However their manufacturing were terminated long time ago and nearly impossible for me to obtain. But the discs are still available, so I have a chance if I build the player by myself.This is my DIY optical organ built from analog record turntable. It supports both Optigan and Orchestron discs.It’s an extremely ambitious DIY project. And while modern technology probably makes this DIY disc player more reliable than the originals, the player still features authentic crosstalk action.See the contruction details here.

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