New Nozoïd MMO-3 Digital, Semi-modular, Monophonic but Stereo Synthesizer.

MMO-3 presentation from Nozoid on Vimeo.

The MMO-3 might look familiar. The design is very similar to Nozoïd's previous synths, the OSC-2 and MMO-4.

The following are some details and pics via Nozoïd where you'll find additional demos and details.

"MMO-3 is a digital, semi-modular, monophonic but stereo synthesizer. Built around various types of modulation synthesis (AM, FM, PM, WS), this

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  • You might remember the OCS-2 Digital, Semi-Modular, Analog Style Hardware Synthesizer by Nozoïd.

    Nozoïd wrote in to let us know it is now available:

    "I'm glad to announce that the OCS-2 synthesizer is finally ready for delivery!
    Find more infos (order/documentation) on our dedicated website:

    OCS-2 is a digital, semi-modular, analogue style synthesizer.
    Small, but very

  • via Nozoïd

    "coming soon!

    MMO-4 is a digital, semi-modular, analogue style synthesizer. Build around Frequency Modulation Synthesis (FM), this synthesizer is mostly dedicated to atonal sound generation. From fat drone to percussive noise, MMO-4 offer a rich and complex timbre control.

    Why is it so special?
    Unlike most FM synthesiser, the MMO-4 is not limited to specific modulation routing. All

  • OCS-2 from chnry on Vimeo.

    "Demonstration of the OCS62 synthesizer from http://www.nozoï"

    OCS-2 VCO demo from chnry on Vimeo.

    "This video demonstrate the sound of one VCO of the OCS-2 synthesizer. The sound did not pass throw the VCF,VCA.

    The frequency is changed thanks to a LFO.

    the 15 waveforms of this VCO are demonstrated one after the other.

    more info about the synth :

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