New Error Instruments Solar Theremin Eurorack Module

Published on Jan 22, 2018 paul tas

via Error Instruments

"solar theremin is a light-sensitive controller that can be controlled with shade
as a theremin. it has 3 x out with 0 to 6 volts and everything in between.
it has tune knob to tune the light for the environment.
there is also a built-in vactrol. for and VCA / LPG
so you can MANIPULATE input for you audio or CV

11 hp in BLACK or wood

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    "This is a demo of some of the MIDI functions of the Solar Module. The Solar Module is an 8 bit synth and a MIDI controller. You can plu the Solar Module into any MIDI device, such as a drum machine, keyboard, synth module, or PC/Mac MIDI software. Anything that accepts MIDI input!

  • YouTube via jonjb2a."Synthstick circuit with resistor replacing potentiometer. Circuit powered by three solar cells. Instrument has no moving parts; "played" in manner similar to that of theremin or tannerin, regardless of vast differences between it and the other instruments."Solar powered?via sendling

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    "This is MORE than another optical theremin. This is a SOLAR POWERED theremin.

    The Heliophone, an electronics kit available from:

    The theremin was the worlds first electronic musical instrument and this tiny kit version has the added advantage of working with no need for batteries or external power. It works purely on solar power so when the oil runs out and civilisation crumbles to dust, you'll be glad it's not the end for electronic music.

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