New Behringer UB-Xa Desktop Render & an Update

Note the differences from the previous desktop render here.

The image above with the following note from Uli Behringer was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"I like to provide you with an update.

Please find attached a new front panel layout, which includes many of your suggestions. However we decided not to integrate effects in order to retain the authenticity of the original

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  • And update from Uli Behringer on Gearslutz:

    "Allow me to provide you with a quick update.

    Aside from the earlier desktop version, many of you requested for a keyboard version of the UB-Xa synth and hence we thought we'd share some designs with you. We have asked our engineers to render a 5-octave keyboard version and use this opportunity to show you some of the insights how such a product is

  • This spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

    "I like to present you with some of our desktop/rack-mount designs for the DeepMind12 our designers we have come up with. The unit is designed to accommodate for desktop and rack-mount usage.

    Just to be clear, we have not yet decided to progress with this design and hence your opinion is important to us.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  • This one in via Soviet Space Child.  Further below you will find a post from Uli Behringer on what he plans next.  It is pretty much in line with what he said in his recent interview posted here on the 23rd. Note he mentions bringing old classics back along with new creations. An interesting side note, is it appears Music Group IP, which Behringer falls under, made logo and trademark grabs for

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