Never Ending Noise Sample Pack by Outsider Sound Design

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Outsider Sound Design

via Outsider Sound Design

"The Never Ending Noise sample pack was created using twelve unique hardware setups with the full intention of harvesting harsh noise, granular static, buzzes, drones, alien transmissions, and melting circuits. 472 sound files. Over 3.4GB of content. 24 bit 96k sample rate. This sample pack was created using over 70

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    Note there are 3 videos in the playlist above - the intro followed by two of the recording sessions. Filing this one under new synth effects. You will recognize some manufactures in the list below. Outsider Sound Design is also new supporting Memmber of MATRIXSYNTH! See for full details on the

  • Free Sample Library: Sebastian Tomczak has released a new copyright-free and license-free sample pack of the Phillips SAA-1099 sound generator chip:
    It is a very straightforward sample pack, consisting of 96 pitched samples and 16 noise samples, across a range of frequencies. These samples have been recorded from hardware. The audio output stage of the sound chip has not been filtered.
    The  Phillips SAA-1099 is a 6-voice sound generator that was used in 80’s electronics such as the Radio Shack Game Blaster and early Sound Blaster cards.
    Download from the Little Scale site.

  • Ghosthack has released a free dubstep sample pack, Second Dubstep Sample Pack, which features: 6 Bassdrums 12 Basslines 3 DnB Loops 22 Drum Loops 6 FX Sounds 6 Glitch Sounds 6 Hats 23 Pads 5 Percussions 11 Snares/Claps Given the name, you might be wondering about the first dubstep sample pack. You can download it [...]

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