NanoStudio - music recording studio for iPhone and iPod Touch | Specifications

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  • I have two applications for making music (FL Studio Mobile and NLog MIDI Synth) but unfortunately it cannot combine their tracks so i was wondering if i there was a synthesizer that lets you take the save audio on your iPhone and combine it in a sequencer. (I do not have an iPhone but i do have an iPod touch 2G so it would be preferable that it works with that one but I'm about to get an iPod touch 4G so anything that works with that is OK)

  • Sound Trends has released a free multitrack audio recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch,┬ástudio.M. Based on studio.HD, it offers 4 audio tracks, mono or stereo (upgradeable to with recording, editing, an extensive loop library plus automated mixing and effects. Features: studio.M gives you up to 4 tracks (stereo or mono) of playback, upgradeable to [...]

  • Image-Line has announced the release of FL Studio Mobile for iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad). There are two FL Studio Mobile applications: FL Studio Mobile: For iPhone and iPod Touch, G3 and ... [Read More]

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