NAMM 2018: Delptronics, Pittsburgh Modular, Catalyst Audio, Malekko, KOMA, 2hp [Episode 39]

Published on Feb 13, 2018 CatSynth TV

"Odds and ends from the synthesizer corner of NAMM 2018

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    "Marco Alpert of Rossum Electro-Music demonstrates the Assimil8or module, an advanced sampling engine in Eurorack modular format, at NAMM 2018.

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    "New synthesizer modules from Erica Synths for NAMM 2018.

    Drum Sequencer
    Resonant Equalizer
    Graphic VCO

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    "We visited the Korg booth at NAMM 2018, which included products from Korg as well as other manufacturers. We provide quick views of:

    Korg Prologue
    Waldorf STVC (String Synth and Vocoder)
    Korg Volca Mix

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