MOTM Format Modular Synth 909 Drum Machine Clone 9090

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"A project for the truly insane! Both boards are soldered but untested. No guarantees! 8U MOTM panel, in silver of course, and some mods are probably implied. The only hardware included is what's shown, and I'll throw in the missing knobs too. You have to love wiring to take this one on.

Schematics (complete, it seems) and user guide included. From 2002! Good luck!"

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  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    This is a series of video tutorials for the Synth Tech MOTM-650 MIDI-CV converter module.
    The MOTM-650 provides the means to control analog voltage controlled synthesizers with MIDI devices such as keyboards, drum machines and computers.
    In the videos, Paul Schreiber, founder of Synthesis Technology and creator of the MOTM format, explains the features and operation of the MOTM-650.
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    "This is a synth-tech (synthesizer technologies ) MOTM
    Modular synth unit. The mods included are as follows:

    MOTM 101 noise s&h
    MOTM 110. Ring modulator (discontinued)
    MOTM 300 ultra VCO
    MOTM 310. VCO (micro)
    MOTM 320 vc/lfo
    MOTM 390. Micro lfo
    MOTM 410 triple resonant filter
    MOTM 440 discrete OTA low pass filter
    MOTM 800 eg
    MOTM 890 micro

  • Rotary Format Design by Thomas White. Title link takes you to more shots and info."This is an actual Front Panel Express Panel being fit with the parts to complete my layout of the Music From Outer Space Sequencer by Ray Wilson. I wanted to go for the rotary look in the MOTM-Basic format. Of course, you can see the knobs are no where near MOTM spacing, nor are the switches. But, they are

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