Moog Source Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 2851

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"This listing is for one Moog Source analog synth. It is great shape with some dings here and there but mechanically fully-functional. It is an early model with the factory CV/gate+DIN sync kit installed. Front panel is working great. Unit has been recapped and serviced recently. The sound is completely unreal, only comparable to the early Model D and Moog Modular synths.

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  • Title link takes you to shots via this auction. Details (Anyone know more about the "crazy source" issue?):"Moog The Source Analog Monophonic Synthesizer, Model 341A, serial #4364. Unit has been superbly maintained, it was calibrated and checked two years ago, and since then has been used very sparingly. Unit powers and produces sound, all features work properly, memory is proper (unit was

  • images and videos via this auction"The Moog Source is a monophonic microprocessor-controlled analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music from 1981 to 1985. The Source was Moog's first synthesizer to offer patch memory storage. The design was also the first (and only) Moog synthesizer to feature a flat-panel membrane keyboard to replace the standard buttons, knobs and sliders.In addition to

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    "This listing is for a vintage Moog Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer, serial number 1476, manufactured in 1972. This is an early Moog Music (Williamsville, NY) model with the following features:

    - original "old" oscillator board
    - original clear plexiglas Pitch/Mod wheels
    - original metal control panel
    - original wood case (not refinished)

    Recently serviced (past 30 days)

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