Mattel Optigan Model 35011 Repair by James Bennett

Published on Jun 28, 2017 James Bennett

"Something a bit different. In the vein of repair videos I like to watch, I was advised to actually document one about this project.

A friend's 1973 Optigan which amazingly he managed to find in England, and pretty locally at that. In our studio for a service.

I'm getting over a cold, so apologies for my heavy breathing!

More lighting required..."

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    Follow-up video discussing the repair will come soon!"

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  • This series of videos demonstrates the Vako Orchestron sample playback keyboard, which was an improved version of the Mattel Optigan optical disc playback sampler. via, which is making new sound discs for both the Optigan and Orchestron.

  • The Analog Lab posted a photo:

    The Optigan 3of4

    An Optigan in for repair at The Analog Lab.

    The Optigan reads 12" optical "program" discs that contain 57 tracks. A lightbulb would then energize the discs and convert the analog waveform into an audio signal.

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